Classy Yet Edgy 2014 Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants

April 21st, 2014

Remember the Rendado Pants by Cecilia Prado we featured last month at Molly Brown’s? Well, this time around we have another fashionable leggy pants that can’t be missed – the 2014 Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants! These are going to be a rocking hit this season!


The exclusive printed silk pants are solid teal at the waist, fade to a lighter shade of teal going down to the bottom and has a snakeskin print on the sides. Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants because of its classy yet edgy design will many a hearts this season. It is an absolutely fab designer resort wear designed to make you look a class apart from the usual swimwear clad girlies.

Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants

The see-through-it Snakeskin Silk Pants will grab attention from both men and women alike. Men for the thrills and women for sinking all its reptile glory.


A Fashion Tip to Sizzle the Beach

Team up the Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants with the Snakeskin Tie Up Tunic for a fully covered yet a sensual look. The tunic is also teal in color and has a similar print like the pants. Wear a chocolate or darkest brown bathing suit with the designer tie up tunic for attaining maximum attention.


Do it different this season and experiment with designer pants on the beach. It’s stylish, high fashion and very classy. Look stunning and feel beautiful dear Molly Dolls.


Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays – Pick of the Week – Serra Keyhole Wrap by Vitamin A

April 18th, 2014

Hello all of you!

It is Fridaayy! And even better, it is Good Friday!

Are all of you finished decorating your Easter eggs and hiding them in the garden?

Ready for the weekend?

So are we! And we are also ready with our pick of the week!

Drum rolls please…

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster



This week’s pick is the Serra Keyhole Wrap by Vitamin A.

This cutout wrap is quickly becoming the rage, simply because its easy to wear and is undeniably stylish. Modernistic cutouts paired with an architectural silhouette make the Serra Keyhole Wrap pretty desirable. And the way the wrap is constructed gives you maximum cleavage and ultra glam looks!

Serra Keyhole Wrap

Pair the Serra Keyhole Wrap with the Neutra Hipster and you have a stunning bikini that is simply too good to resist.

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster

Hop over to to peruse our 2014 collections and get ready for the beach season!

And as we always say, keep it stylish ladies ;)


Sexy As Ever – Kahala Top by Mikoh

April 17th, 2014

KAdd Newahala bikini top by Mikoh is yet another super sexy designer swimwear piece from their eclectic collection. You’d stand out apart from the crowd in this stunning bathing suit that has no hardware but only amazing use of fabric. Oleema and Kalani Miller get a thumbs up for their creative brains for coming up with the Kahala top.


We are bowled over by the sensual appeal of the Kahala top which is a front criss cross halter bandeau top. The fabric is 80% nylon and 20% spandex for perfect fit on your body and doesn’t slip in water.


Mikoh Kahala Top and Miyako Bottom for 2014 Swimwear Season: Kahala top by Mikoh comes with a skimpy Miyako bottom in same fabric in solid color. Wear it alone, or with a cover up, maybe designer pants or a tunic, you will rise up the temperature on the beach for sure.

Kylie Top Wearing the Kahala Top

Kylie  Wearing the Kahala Top

Mikoh never fails to bring us something sizzling and hot every swimwear season. There’s definitely a standout designer swimsuit by Mikoh each year that scorches the beaches on summer. This year, we give a shout out to Kahala Top and Miyako Bottom.


Celebrities Love the Kahala Top Too And guess who we saw wearing the Kahala Top recently? It was none other than television star and model Kylie Jenner! This hottie was seen donning the beach diva look in Kahala bikini top in a bright summer orange color. Find your color soon at Molly Brown’s. The sun-bathing season is on!


Mary Grace Swim – Created by a world of endless possibilities

April 15th, 2014

Mary Grace Swimwear

While bikinis aren’t exactly the largest item of clothing in your suitcase, a dozen mini squared fabrics do add up and can easily replace the space better used by a new pair of sandals.


Just in time for the surplus of resort getaways popping up this holiday season, designer swimwear Mary Grace Swim presents a line of reversible swimwear. A 4-for-1 deal for your beach bag.


Molly Brown’s is introducing Mary Grace’s debut range of reversible swim styles. This beachwear line is an ode to the designer’s love of surfing. Mixed with bits of inspiration from the cultures and textiles she encountered while traveling to places like Fiji, Mexico, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Indonesia.


This Cali talented designer has created a swimwear and beach lifestyle line that is all about fit and functionality. Keeping true to her laid-back roots, Grace designs for the traveling and dreaming women who aim to look effortlessly stylish. It doesn’t matter if you’re out with your friends or on a surfboard in the Pacific.

Mary Grace Swimwear Vida Top & Maria Bottom - Dreamer        Mary Grace Swimwear Hitchhiker Top & Jagger Tieside Bottom - Revolution

Easily recognizable by their dynamic, cheeky and ingenious charm, this beach lifestyle brand features creamy fabrics while giving special consideration to fit and functionality. The suits are placed in the lime light by the flawless designs and Mary Grace’s love for playing with color blocking. These designer swimsuits have an ethereal quality to them. Something we cannot put our finger on. The outstanding designs will make you feel cool, yet sizzling sexy and the decision of which colors to combine just became easier than ever.


Mary Grace Swim prints are always influenced by the culture and textiles of beautiful destinations around the world. “Whether it’s the Venice girl rocking cutoff shorts and a bikini top, or the Coachella gypsy who plans her entire outfit around her bathing suit, swimwear is essential to SoCal style,” she explains.


Described by Grace as “versatile, spicy and vibrant,” the 2014 line offers a variety of reversible options in both prints and solids. It just has something for everyone. From staples like a triangle string bikini top to a bandeau with a twist. Magnificent colors shaded like turquoise, fuchsia and coral, will please you to no end.


And the face of the new collection by Mary Grace Swim is someone you might be familiar with. It’s the little sister of style star and House of Harlow designer Nicole Richie, the 15-year-old Sofia Richie. The gorgeous teen star will be modeling amazing prints and silhouettes by Grace.

Mary Grace Swim Hitchhiker Top & Camilla Bottom - Revolution         Mary Grace Swim Hitchhiker Top & Jagger Tieside Bottom - Dreamer


Divine Couture and Sandy Shores – Dolcessa Swimwear

April 13th, 2014

Dolcessa Swimwear

Darlings, Molly Brown’s is so excited to introduce you to Dolcessa Swimwear, a luxury women’s swimwear brand based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Valley may be sizzling this summer, but emerging Dolcessa designer Katya Leoncio sent temps off the charts. Every single designer bathing suit is absolutely beautiful.

Dolcessa Swimwear is behind many gorgeous swimwear pieces that models like Chrissy Teigen, Genevieve Morton, and Irina Shayk have all worn on the pages of Sports Illustrated magazine. And it’s obvious that the brand is both well-connected and in high demand, having appeared in such major magazines as People, Maxim, and OK, in addition to ad campaigns for Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Casino and on Kate Upton in Sports Illustrated.

Dolcessa Pyramid Triangle & Bottom - Beachwave          Dolcessa Fringe Top & Beads Bottom - Royal

Swimwear Fashion to Arouse Excitement

Dolcessa designs are fashion forward, glamorous, and down right provocative. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. This already-successful brand bagged the emerging designer of the year title in 2013, highlighting the edge it has over the competition.

Inspired by the composition of nature, Dolcessa’s design team instills a variety of textures and hardware through its design process. Impeccable quality, curve-accentuating cuts and bold colors have set Dolcessa apart, so it’s no wonder it was repeatedly included in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

The real excitement is that a designer who crafted some of the most glamorous swimsuits ever, including Upton’s rocking in the Antarctica, Katya Leoncio is now filling up the shelves at Molly Brown’s.

Katya Leoncio – The Designer Brain Behind Dolcessa

Katya’s career as a designer first started with dressing the nightclub industry and designing the performance outfits for entertainers in some of the most extravagant nightclubs in Ibiza and Las Vegas. From that world, she adopted a sense of risque fashion and wanted those designs to translate during the day time.

Dolcessa Coins Underwater Top & Bottom - Beachwave          Dolcessa Crystallized Triangle & Bottom - Royal

Dolcessa Swimwear was naturally born with an inspiration to create luxury swimwear for women to be fashionable during the day when lounging by the pool, beach, or day club. The inspiration for Dolcessa is the colors, the beauty of the summer season. Beauty is always an inspiration and according to Dolcessa designer Katya Leoncio, the 2014 collection features loads of color and plays with textures utilizing techniques such as ombre.

Dolcessa Sail Away Halter Top & Tab Bottom

These stunning photographs were taken by Michael Franco and the magnificent models are Brittany Brannon and Sam Diaz.


Hair Care Remedies for Sand Dried Hair After Every Beach Sunday

April 11th, 2014

Who likes sand dried hair after an amazing day at the beach?

Nobody does and it’s annoying to even harbour such thoughts during bright sunny days of summer. But the truth remains, how so ever much you love the sun, its ultraviolet rays in addition to the salty beach water will damage your hair a lot. Beach dried hair becomes frizzy, dry, tangled, unmanageable and absolutely a pain at the end of the day.

So what to do to protect your hair from the summer sun? A scarf? Not a pretty fashionable idea. Maybe a braid? Hmmmm, not sexy enough. What then? Maybe some hair care at home.

You can replenish and rejuvenate your hair with some easy hair care remedies post your beachy day and not worry about sand dried hair at all.

  • After a dip in the salty beach water, reach home and prepare some mango mush and apply it like a hair pack on your hair. If mangoes aren’t available, try milk and honey. You’ll get your smooth hair back in the first application.
  • Try olive oil at the ends of your hair strands and leave it for an hour or two. Wash and deep condition your hair after that for smooth hair.
  • Another hair replenishing fruit is avocado. Slice and mash an avocado and apply it as a hair pack to soften your dry hair.
  • Hot carrot oil smoothens dry hair and has lasting effect on them. Wash and dry your hair after beach and apply hot carrot oil overnight for best results.
  • Hair masks (Of a brand you like) twice a week is the mantra for beautiful hair throughout summers. Will save hair from beach dryness as well.
  • For a hair pack after a beach Sunday, try bananas and olive oil massaged well into your hair strands. The massage is relaxing and hair becomes really soft.
  • For super lazy lads, just deep condition your hair for 15-20 minutes after every beach day. Let conditioner be in your hair strands for as long you can let it stay.

Some hair care tips to protect hair from the summer sun and the beach surroundings:

  • Try spraying diluted sun tan lotion in your hair before you get into water. It creates a shield on your hair strands and protects your hair from a lot of damage.
  • You can also comb a deep conditioner throughout your hair strands before you jump into the beautiful beach. Acts as a protective layer and doesn’t let your scalp dry.
  • Try a smoothing serum when at beach. You can apply it more than a couple of times to keep your scalp hydrated.
  • Apply a body butter at the ends of hair strands, tie a bun or a pony tail and splash into the beach without any hitches. Your hair will get wet and salty but the damage will be lesser.

These remedies will moisturize your dry hair to look and feel better. Until then, you can also try stylish hats at the beach. Designer hats by Caffe, Fox, Lost, Odabash, Vitamin A, TLC at Molly Brown’s swimwear are great to protect hair and skin from ultraviolet rays of the scorching summer sun.

Designer Hats for Beach

We suggest, don’t wait for a salon appointment to get your dry frizzy hair fixed. Try some hair remedies at home to rejuvenate your hair and allow them to breathe.


Molly Brown’s Fashion Fridays Pick of the Week – GreenLee LRB

April 11th, 2014

TGIF – the best day of the week is here and we are ready with our fashion pick – the GreenLee Little Recycle Bikini!

It’s fun, fashionable and a conscious bikini brand! The Little Recycle Bikini from GreenLee brand stands for our mother Earth’s right to be green, flourishing and healthy. It does its bit by creating beautiful swimwear made from recyclable nylon material. The eco-friendly bikinis are designed in a way that the sexy bikini tops and cheeky bottoms can be mixed and matched for a new look every time.

Our pick today is the brand’s delicious Little Recycled Bikini – Tie Front Halter and Euro Short

GreenLee Tie Front Bra Top and Euro Bottom

GreenLee Tie Front Bra Top and Euro Bottom

It’s a sexy piece of swimwear artistry featuring a tie front that drops down to your mid-riff. The bottom is a Euro cheeky piece that hugs your curves most sensuously.

Nifty, right? We think so too and are proud to have this environmentally aware brand with us.

Shop from the GreenLee collection and enjoy the earthy side of fashion. :) Before you head off, read the GreenLee Event at Molly Brown’s announcement below


Announcement: On April 19th 2014, Molly Brown’s will have a gala Earth Day Social and Trunk Show which includes one-on-one styling with the designer – the creative brains behind GreenLee, a host of mouth-watering bikini displays and deserts and all this with a bevy of beautiful models wearing this brand with a conscience.

GreenLee Designer Event

GreenLee Designer Event


Don’t miss it for the world! :)

We’ll be waiting for you on April 19th 2014 at The Hotel Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas


Blue Life Swimwear by Planet Blue – the debut line that rocked the swimwear world

April 8th, 2014

The beach is the perfect place for Planet Blue, and the Malibu, California–head-quartered multi-brand boutique chain has introduced a private-label women’s swim line called Blue Life Swim.

The Blue Life Swimwear label is not for the women who prefer modest swim looks. It’s a provoking line, designed especially to evoke head-turning, jaw-dropping and inducing fantasies. The line features cut-out paneling on many pieces. The line’s “Malibu Racer Back” top, features a large keyhole cutout between the cleavage.. yep, that does sizzle! In the “Island Fever” triangle top, two straps of fabric create an “X” in the back of the top that creates the right kind of magic. There are cutouts in the sides of the line’s “Surf City Brazilian” bottom, and the aptly named “Free Spirit Dress” will make anyone look like a beach diva!

Malibu Racer Back    Island Fever Triangle Top & Brazilian BottomBlue Life‘s debut comes in different schemes, such as a tie-dye mixed with indigo, white and lime colors. Solids come in lime greens, blacks and reds, perfect to don when taming a tumultuous wave. Or just being pretty promenading on a dusky shoreline. There’s also a paisley print in the line. So the beach won’t be the only place for this swim line to be seen. You’ll see it at the pool, in a bar, on the street, because you can wear it with jeans and dresses. Not to mention as outfits for concerts.

Speaking of concerts, why don’t you wear a Blue Life piece at the Coachella Arts and Music Festival in Indio and see how many guys return a glance as you enjoy the fun and the attention.

Free Spirit Dress

Considering how deliciously warm it’s been in Cali this season, we’ve been caught daydreaming about all the beach-ready looks to don over this 2014 spring and summer. And since we’re getting so stoked on all things swim here at Molly Brown’s, there’s literally something for every babe in this line- from teeny bikinis, one pieces, boho prints and a sporty mesh two-piece that will slay all your old swimsuits.


Ready to get wet and party? Come! Let’s hit the perfect wave together …… on Planet Blue.



Splash Some Color On – Vitamin A “Made for Spring” Swimwear Collection

April 6th, 2014

It’s time to look around and enjoy the lovely blue sky, yellow sunrise, and the purple, green, pink, violet, peach, lemon flowers all round. Ring-a-ding-ding! Spring has sprung and quite beautifully you will too in the sumptuously vibrant collection of bikinis, beach dresses and beach pants by Vitamin A swimwear. Amahlia’s designs, with all their Californian charm, are back and this time hued in the season of colors.

Vitamin A brings sexy back with some of its signature designs in vivacious tones – predominantly blue (both azure and indigo), green (teal and sea green), yellow (lemon), orange (fiery sunsets and peaches), pinks (hot fuchsia and subtle baby pinks) and of course the feisty hot reds. Along with these, the collection also includes a perky set of printed and patterned bandeaus, rash guard wear and dresses in complete solid blacks, whites and olives which are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Looking at each and every Vitamin A “Made for Spring” piece, we wonder if it’s a work of art or a work of passion and love for colors. We would love to have our Molly dolls own and wear at least one stunning piece out of this incredibly fashionable collection:

Vitamin A Swimwear

Vitamin A Swimwear

For those of you who don’t know where to start from, we have the following top picks for you to get you started.

The sauve blue one piece – Who says elegance and glamor come only in shades of blacks and whites? No “blanche et noir” but this beautiful Brena Maillot – Carribe in fuller sky-shade will make you the pretty spot against the backdrop of the pearly sand and azure waves.

Brena Maillot - Carribe

Vitamin A Brena Maillot – Carribe

The Jade of all hearts bandeau bikini – Again inspired by the memories of seafarers, Vitamin A offers this irresistibly sexy Bel Air Bandeau & Paloma Hipster bikini in Jade. With this vibrant color on you, you are sure to cause ripples in the hearts of those looking at you. The knotted detailing on the back adds that playful spark to this otherwise subtle-yet-sexy two-piece.

Vitamin A Bel Air Bandeau & Hipster Bottom

Vitamin A Bel Air Bandeau & Hipster Bottom

The Lemon-dipped beach poncho/ dress – What’s a spring not hinting at summer? This creatively designed Marina Poncho – Citron is the perfect wear for a breezy evening at the beach or a lazy sunny Sunday at the pool watching your friends dip, flap and float while you relax and dazzle everyone with your laid-back prettiness.

Vitamin A Poncho Beach Dress

Vitamin A Marina Poncho Citron Dress

The Citrus Keyhole Bikini – Lemony and refreshing, the Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster will make your beach wardrobe complete with its electric hue! A sure-shot breath-stopper, this bikini scores on two things – stunning color and an attractive design. The keyhole and the strappy details make this bikini a bit bold but not outrageously uncouth. So enjoy for a glamorous day at the beach and if you are mistaken for a celeb, don’t be surprised.

Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster - Citron

Vitamin A Serra Keyhole Wrap & Neutra Hipster – Citron

The Little blue mini dress – Playful, chirpy, flirty, girly, the Mila Mini Dress – Bluray – in a bold, dark shade of blue will become your best friend to escape dullness with. Ultra comfy, the dress just slips on and hugs your body in a beautiful embrace. The touch of which will brighten up everywhere you go – be it a sandy shore or a starry night out with your friends.

Mila Mini Dress - Bluray

Vitamin A Mila Mini Dress – Bluray

The Cassis Bikini – Just like the most precious wine in your cabinet, this Neutra bralette & hipster bikini will be taken out for the most special visit to the beach or a pool party thrown in your honor. While, the peep-hole design on the broad strap of the bralette enhances the top’s appeal, the keyhole design on the bottoms balances out the whole look most fashionably. Whenever you are in the mood for some queen-like luxury and fashion, this Cassis colored hotness will be your best bet.



The Peachy Sunset bikini – You can’t go wrong with this classic triangle top – the Gwyneth triangle top & pinup bottom in sunset hue – so the chances of you committing a fashion faux go down even more. Like a whimsical sunset on the horizon, this bikini is as dreamy as you’d like it to be. Straight out of a sartorial heaven and on your body; the picture in others’ eyes would be right out of a movie, with you slow-walking on the sandy shorelines. Snap out and make it happen in reality. Shop now.



Want to explore some more Vitamin A Goodness? See it right here.


Boys + Arrows – bringing forth the troublemaker in you.

April 5th, 2014

Boys + Arrows

You can never have too many bikinis!

They are your summer: you live in it, swim in it, and party in it. They become part of yourself as you rejoice in the gentle sunshine, foamy waves and fresh breeze. While everyone loves the itsy, bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini, we think it’s high time to switch it up a lil’ bit.

Life on the beach is mix of sailboats, open oceans, and trouble making – and we couldn’t agree more! This is what Boys + Arrows is all about. Tailored for the fun, fearless girls, it’s not just a playful name about women weaponry and chasing boys. It’s a way to enjoy life.

The 2014 summer collection from California-based company Boys + Arrows, gives you the look of the American southwest with vivacious prints, braiding, and fringe, in bandeau tops and hip hugging bottoms.

Bev Bombshell Top & Nancy Nutcracker Bottom

Play hard and take on summer with everything you’ve got!

The Boys + Arrows brand goes out to all of the girls who are ready to give guys a good run for their money. Let go of your fears, and show the world your beautiful strong and free spirit. Come on girls! We may be pretty, but that won’t stop us from living, loving, and playing with fire, boys, and arrows.

Meagan Scott’s inspiration comes from endless memories of sun, sand, and smiles. Her mission, to develop a brand that will be around for years to come. Her collection, means to inspire strong, confident women with an appetite for adventure and a passion for life.

This collection brings forth the the trouble making hunter in you. Bold prints and frisky details, will empower your attitude, making you look good and feel great! The sophisticated style and amazing construction becomes like a second skin while you’re stunningly gliding the waves, sun-bathing during the day or partying until the end of those long summer nights. Indulge yourself with some of the hottest new pieces from Boys and Arrows. You deserve it!

Wilma Top & Gladys Bottom

The perfect combination of fashionable and functional

Most pieces in the collection come in several different colors and prints, all of which are light and airy or fashion forward; there are no neons or harsh patterns reminding you of the 80’s style swimwear your mother still wears. It’s a combination of hippie surf culture and southern California cool.

The collection is 100% Italian fabric made from eco-friendly recycled polyamide yarn and recycled excess material. Designed to be quick drying and chlorine resistant, you can keep those summer colors from fading. For longer days at the beach the material is also sand resistant and has 50+ UPF protection, plus it’s made for shape retention, which is great if you’re crashing into the surf and can’t quite get the hang of staying on your board. And c’mon, there’s no harm in looking good while you’re doing it, right? Boys do not get to have all of the fun!

Gladys Bottom  - Mohawk

The perfect combination of sexy and cute, Boys + Arrows is a gang of gals who do what they are afraid to do and take chances in love, and in life. “We shall never give up and we will always remember to laugh”.