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Rain, Rain Go Away…

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

All this Southern California rain has got us wishing we were  somewhere on vacation, somewhere hot and sunny where a luxury bikini and a wide brimmed sun-hat are necessities — a girl can dream!

From right to left: Wasabi and Yemen Coverup by DELFINA

We’ve recently received new shipments from Delfina and are absolutely stunned by the quality of their suits and the caliber of their fabrics. Plus, the bright pops of pink and orange are helping us cope with the rain clouds outside.

From right to left: Safari Tunic and Cozumel Coverup by LETARTE

Coverups from the Maui-based Letarte are a no-brainer when it comes to packing for a trip. No matter where you’re going this summer, you will undoubtedly find yourself reaching for one of their lightweight tunics or flowy dresses. They are exactly what we need to feel like we’re getting some R&R, put one on and it’s instantaneous.

XOXO Molly.

Molly Brown’s Is Now Offering 2011 Martha Rey

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Dance Colony

Dance Colony

Molly Brown’s designer swimwear store is now offering the 2011 MarthaRey swimwear collection! MarthaRey is new to Molly Brown’s (
and is bringing in fun, funky and fabulous pieces for swimwear connoisseurs everywhere!

MarthaRey has gone back in time, reviving retro tie die in every way you could dream of! Bright and vibrant colors are splashed, swirled, and outlined all over these fantastic modern cut suits and avant-garde cover-ups!

MarthaRey luxury swimwear is native of Columbia. It is known for creating bohemian hand-dyed luxury swimwear for modern and fun spirited women.

This one of a kind sensation is ultra chic and playful! MarthaRey Dance Colony incorporates a vibrant color palette complete with tie-dye and neon outlining; with a super sexy and modern cut thick tie side bottom! This is a suit that gives you the opportunity to show off your inner playful and lively spirit!

Check out more of MarthaRey evocative collection at Molly Brown’s online swimwear boutique