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Vitamin A
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Vitamin A Swimwear – The Must-Have Californian Beauty!

Vitamin A bikinis are proof of nature's lust for beauty like no other bikini. It is a recipe of purely Chic simplicity: a bit of the 70’s, mixed with a little bit of minimalist and sunny California to taste . And you start feeling great as yourself, which in fact means you're getting all the Vitamin A your body needs!

We are talking about Vitamin A swimsuits of course.

These bikinis are no ordinary bikinis. Their seams lie flat when touching the skin. The fit screams perfection: from hip-slimming, bust-boosting, to figure-flattering. This is what Vitamin A is all about! Inspired by travel, modern art, and eco-friendly technology.

They're all about the sexy, sun-kissed Californian beauty. The now-iconic California Cut has evolved into a lifestyle. Look at LBB—the Little Black Bikini™, which today is as essential as the little black dress. Not to mention the EcoLux™ green fibers, the innovative superfine matte jersey manufactured from recycled nylon fiber.

Vitamin A swimwear is designed in Laguna Beach, California and produced in the USA.

With Molly Brown's Swimwear the Californian sun will shine across the world, while Vitamin A continues to define authentic West Coast chic and successfully brings the effortless So Cal glamor to exquisite places across the globe.

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