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The special swimwear collection by Acacia clothing is sure to transform you into a hot style diva every time you step out in one of the brands creation.

When Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons got together, they didn't even realize how their diverse background would grow a shared passion for that perfect two-piece and a unique kind of women's swimwear.

Growing up on the islands of Maui, designer Naomi Newirth was practically born in a bikini. Her passion for fashion and design blossomed in her teenage years as she eventually learned how to sew her own bikinis.

Likewise, Lyndie Irons was born and raised on the beaches of Cali, where wearing a bikini was the daily norm. Starting a swimwear modeling career at the age of 15, soon it became a dream of Lyndie's to start a swimwear line.

The girls discovered that they shared the same vision for fun and flirty bikini lines, bringing them together as starting partners for Acacia Swimwear. The two plan on continuing to grow as designers and as a company by catering to that cute and classy, yet gutsy girl who isn't afraid to stand out.

Acacia swimwear, is going to adorn your body every beach season with the softest, thickest, yummiest concoction ever allowed to actually hit the water!


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