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Cecilia Prado
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Cecilia Prado Swimwear Bags – Crocheted Glamor

Cecilia Prado is a brand known for the way they impeccably fuse a bright color palette with ingenious designs, especially crochet. Whether it's the bikinis or the cover ups, Cecilia Prado has gotten it absolutely right, each time. Crochet plays an important part in Cecilia Prado designs, you can see subtle hints or full-blown designs in almost every piece. A talented artist, Cecilia Prado has successfully carried on her mother's legacy and brought crochet to the global market. She has constantly been experimenting with new & unconventional crochet techniques, using the various methods which she saw and learned over the years.

Just like the bikinis & cover-ups, Cecilia Prado bags are no different. Cecilia Prado is synonymous with superb craftsmanship and their accessories also reflect that love for amazing craftsmanship. Not much focus is put on beach bags as they are mostly considered as a necessity rather than an accessory. But Cecilia Prado changes all that. Cecilia Prado offers cute beach bags that are a vibrant mix of bright colors fused with Cecilia's signature crochet detailing and come in various shades.

Shop Cecilia Prado Beach bags at Molly Brown's and let this useful accessory become a fashion necessary.

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