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Accessories that are perfect pals to your styles  - BELTS

Out of all the accessories you can add to your clothing to look chic and trendy, belts are the safest bet. Designer belts - broad/narrow, matte/shiny, leather/suede or beaded/embellished add a lot to your otherwise plaid girl-next-door look. You can experiment so much with belts as fashion accessories and feel more confident about your fashion sense. What’s even more out of the text book is belts with swimwear! Though many of you would be hesitant in trying that, but belts on swimwear is a great idea.

Obviously you do a fashion check before you’re on the beach wearing a belt with swimwear, you must carry it off confidently. Beaded and embellished belts add loads of glamor to your swimwear look. Just never wear a beach belt on a bikini as a rule. Otherwise, belts on full cover swimsuits, cover-ups, dresses, maxi dresses, resort wear pants and kaftans is super sexy. Wear beaded belts, crochet belts, buckle belts, woven belts and metallic ones on beach to make your own style statement.

Molly Brown’s has an amazing line of designer belts you won’t want to miss! Check out our fashionable belts now and look smoldering hot at beach this summer.

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