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Fox Racing has been and still is the world leader in manufacturing high quality motocross apparel. Fox Racing's Motocross Apparel is famous and much worn across all circuits and by enthusiastic motocross fans. When Fox racing dived into clothing apparel and accessories for men and women, their fans followed. Fox swimwear and accessories are just as amazing and to die for as is the rest of everything that is made by Fox.

It can be difficult to think of how can something as simple as a hat be made stylish or look uber cool, but that is where Fox hats win from almost everyone and everything. Fox outdoes everybody else by putting in little crafty details in their hats such as pinstripes or minuscule logos on the back of the hat, which when combined with the vibrant colors and ultra comfortable fit, make for killer hats!

Wear them to the beach, add them to any outfit, or slip them on when you're having a bad hair day or simply slap them on whenever the mood strikes. The best thing about Fox hats is that they're almost perfect for any and every kind of style that you would want to wear them with.

Shop all kinds of Fox hats, from simple colored ones to Fox trucker hats at Molly Brown's. We have them all!

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