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Glitzy Bella

Fedora 3 stones

by Glitzy Bella

Bad Hair Day

by Glitzy Bella

Bride Hat

by Glitzy Bella

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Glitzy Bella Hats – Bling it on!

If you're a fan of bling and everything that sparkles, then we have the perfect thing for you. Which is these awesome, shiny Glitzy Bella Hats. Perfect for the beach and also for almost everything else, these bedazzled hats have a unique charm. The ingenious idea of putting swarovski crystals on trucker hats and fedoras, to name just a few things that Glitzy Bella made stylish by adding sparkly crystals, has made these mundane items into something much more interesting and eye-catching.

Molly Brown's brings to you this stylish collection of Glitzy Bella Caps & Swim Hats, which can be worn on the beach, by the poolside or wherever you fancy. The Cross trucker hats are perfect for the beach. A rustic look glammed up by crystals and rhinestones make for the perfect beach hat. The Fedoras are classic straw fedoras made stylish by swarovski crystals, perfect for wearing on an evening out.

Grab your Glitzy Bella Hat before they all go out!

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