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Lulu DK | Metallic Tattoos

Blue Lagoon Tattoos

by Lulu Designs

Mulholland Tattoos

by Lulu Designs

La Femme Tattoos

by Lulu Designs

Love Story Tattoos

by Lulu Designs

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Today, tattooing is more than just a fad. Tattoo as an appreciated art form has gradually made its way into the mainstream American populace. The artistic vision which comes into play is phenomenal. Don't agree? You should look at some of the brilliant photorealistic and 3D tatts adorned by people on the beach! Want a pain-free alternative? If you've not yet warmed up to the idea of permanent ink engraved in a delicate body part, a temporary tattoo that looks real is the perfect option. As a high-end retailer, Molly Browns showcases exclusive 2018 collection from some of the top brands in the industry. Check out exquisite patterns and designs offered by Lulu Designs and Sobe Tattoos on Molly Brown's website and order a sexy design to go with that smokin hot swimwear. This year, you deserve to look your best with Lulu DK metallic tattoos!

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