Dressing for Coachella. Molly Brown’s can help.


Is dressing for Coachella something you look forward to? Molly Brown’s Swimwear can certainly help get you outfitted for the weekend.  With choices ranging from a one piece paired with shorts to that perfect romper or sundress, we can certainly cover all the angles. While we obviously can’t list every item in our stores or on our website, we can give you a few options to get you started.  One option we have selected is this ruffled Quartz top created by Beach Riot. We suggest pairing it with shorts or a skirt, and maybe a cute hat, to help beat the heat.

A second option for pairing with shorts is the Bad News Bonnie one-piece, created by Boys + Arrows. This suit almost feels like it was created specifically for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. We also see this suit as a base final_edits-163_1024x1024to a skirt, long or short, or even with some cover-ups.

A still popular trend carrying over from past years is wearing the romper. The shapes and styles and unique designs have been adapted by so many designers we couldn’t possible list them all. One we are excited to see this year comes from Gypsey 05, who has created a whole collection with similar color block and designs for this time of year. We have selected the Crossback Romper this year. Alone, or with your favorite accessories, it is guaranteed to turn heads.

We also suggest the Wanderer Ov5_s541-5319-35-002-1eralls by Auguste.  This soft, flowing design with comfortable shoulder straps can be paired easily with a pair of flip-flops or a cute pair of booties.

Staying within the romper style of outfit, we have selected two more options, but with long sleeves. We have had great response to the Boho Romper designed by Blue Life. There is nothing not to love about this dress-like romper! The billowy 60’s bell-sleeves complement the plunging neckline and extra short shorts perfectly. Loose fitting and breathable, it is perfect for triple digit days and less than warr046-0086_vintagetrack_1m desert evenings.

Our final selection is the Ruffled Dress presented by Ale’ by Alessandra. Having attended her fair share of music festivals, we have to believe Alessandra Ambrosia had this type of weekend in mind when designing this cute little number. Made in an ultra soft and light-weight fabric that is perfect for the hotter seasons, and a thigh skirting hemline that’ll show off your summer tan. A cute pair of boots and a floppy hat and you should be set for the day.





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L*Space’s new spring line now available at Molly Brown’s

Chloe Piped Top & Titanium Bottom
Wild One Top & Barracuda Bottom

L*Space’s new spring line now available at Molly Brown’s. Fan favorite, L*Space by Monica Wise, has released exciting new colors for Spring. We find it only fitting with Easter and spring arriving that we have these colors (Sorbet, Turquoise, Seaglass) highlighting the new line. For the less adventurous, we also have a white offering and a cream print.

Our first selection is the Chloe Piped Top paired with the Titanium Bottom in the aforementioned Sorbet color scheme. The combination of the form flattering cut and amazing design will be sure to catch the eye of everyone in view.

Despite the radical print, the Wild One Top and Barracuda Bottom in the new Cream print coloring will still work for the more conservative beach-goer. With a unique take on the racer back styling, this seamless top contains just the right amount of ruching and strappy detailing on the sides. It is the perfect selection for any spring activity.


Haute Top & Gazebo Bottom

A personal favorite is the new Turquoise color scheme paired with the Haute Top and Gazebo Bottom. The high neck design and eye-catching coloring pairs perfectly with the just-right coverage and side-tie feature of the Gazebo bottoms. You will feel just at home lounging on the beach as you will spending the day on a Stand-up paddleboard.

Joey Wrap Top & Twilight Bottom
Athena Top & Cosmo Bottom

To satisfy the more conservative clientele, L*Space has continued the Joey Wrap Top and Twilight Bottom in a simply elegant White print. With a beautiful crocheted back, the Joey Wrap can be worn as a simple wrap or crossed over for a knotted appearance. The Twilight Bottom has a boy-short cut with thicker banding, crochet side panels and just the right amount of cheekiness.

Our final sample is the Athena Top and Cosmo Bottom pairing in the new Seaglass color scheme. We love the combination of this unforgettable coloring with the sporty top and the barely-there bottoms. We guarantee this combination will attract a following at every social gathering.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Be sure to check back regularly to see the other new offerings from L*Space’s new Spring line. Once they arrive in Molly Brown’s stores, we will be waiting to fit you to the perfect pairing.

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Easter Baskets and a Bikini

easter_eggs_8Easter Baskets and a Bikini. Is that such a bad idea? We don’t think so at all. Traditions derived from Easter bring us the Easter Bunny, beautiful arrays of flowers, tie-dyed hard-boiled eggs, pastels, an egg hunt and, at some point in the day, a basket full of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. For the person spending Easter on the beach or at a pool, why not surprise them with an E22_r16_34_dbl_104b.dbl-203aster basket loaded with bikinis. In keeping with the tradition of bright colors and fun prints, we made a few selections for your loved one’s basket this year.

One of our most popular brands is PilyQ, from the beautiful city of Barcelona. The Reversible Strappy Troy top and Basic bottom we have selected comes in this eye-catching Dreamy tsplt16_ger_ts53c16_ger-copyBlue color scheme. We can’t think of a better color to show off that tan during Easter brunch.

L*Space designed a color scheme that works perfectly while participating in that beach side Easter egg hunt. This Platinum top and Hollywood bottom in the Geranium color scheme will have everyone looking. It just may be the brightest thing on the beach that day.

Who hasn’t tried making a blue and purple Easter egg during the annual egg dying event. The Iceberg Tri Top and Classic Bottom in Blue/Purple created by Dolcessa easily attains this goal. Beautiful and unique in its’ own right, this suit will be sure to attract attention during any event you attend that day. We warn you…do not wear this if you are trying to avoid onlookers.

Our next selection strays away from swimwear, but stays in the blue color scheme. Lady Lux has entered 2016 with this multi-functional Waterfalls Romper in Blue and White. Equally at ease on the beach, near a pool or attending a party, or feel free to wear it to all three.

Moving on, though not quite a pastel, we want to suggest this offering from Brazilian designer Agua Bendita. We went with the Cabo Top and Bottom in the perfectly named Hypnotic color palette. Your family and friends will be mesmerized by this suit no matter the setting. We feel this print will pair nicely with Jelly Bellies in any basket.


Easter is just around the corner, so don’t wait too long? Our website is updated and waiting for your order. Our phone lines are open. Our stores are fully stocked and ready for your visit. If these selections don’t meet your needs, then we will help find the perfect suit for you. And don’t forget to accessorize with our shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and bags. Have a Happy Easter!

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St. Patrick’s Day – Say No To Green Beer

St. Patrick’s Day….another great reason for Americans to celebrate anything. It just might be the drinking-est holiday of the year for no other reason than why not. However, it has also caused the creation of the awful green beer concoction that has unfortunately taken a forefront to good beer. It sounds like a good idea, but let’s be honest, it is simply cheep beer with green food coloring. Many of us want more out of our St. Patrick’s Day celebration? We have the usual time-honored Irish beers Guinness Stout, Harp Lager and Smithwick’s Ale (pronounced Smittick, by those who know), but there are so many other selections available to tempt your taste-buds. This week we are going to introduce you to some different options for your drinking pleasure. Lets get started!

images (3)

Irish Style Lager (Rogue Ales) – Rogue’s Irish Style Lager is the perfect starter beer for this day long celebration. This lighter Irish lager has a smooth flavor, a crisp apple finish and low alcohol content. You should be able to slam back several of these without getting too crazy, too soon.


Kilkenny Irish Red – Brewed in the oldest operating brewery in Ireland, and a little difficult to find at times, it’s definitely worth a try if you find it on a tap list. With an amber color, this favorite has a flavor profile often described as creamy, sweet and bitter all at once.

imgres (3)O’Hara’s Irish Pale Ale – This selection is for the IPA lovers who have come out of the woodwork lately. This contemporary Irish microbrewery based in Dublin has put their own Irish spin on the traditional IPA. This Pale Ale combines the balance of European IPAs with the dry hopping typical in American pale ales. With a fruity, flowery and hoppy flavor, this is one to try on St. Patrick’s Day.

imagesMurphy’s Irish Stout – A personal favorite of the author, this international favorite has been brewed in Ireland since 1856. With a dark coloring and flavor notes of toffee and coffee, this “silky-smooth” stout has almost no bitterness and an irresistible creamy finish. This is a must try if you find it on tap anywhere.

Dragoimgres (2)ons Dry Irish Stout (Moylan’s Brewing Co.) – Brewed in California, this award-winning stout is made with imported hops and malted barley from the United Kingdom.  Named in honor of Irish-born General Stephen Moylan who was commander of the 4th Continental Dragoons during the Revolutionary War, this classic dry Irish stout contains 8% ABV. Caution should be taken with this one, or you may lose your own war with gravity.

images (2)

Conway’s Irish Ale  – This selection is in honor of the authors home state of Ohio. This seasonal favorite produced by Great Lakes Brewing Company has a toasted, malty flavor that is great alone or accompanying your favorite appetizer. Named after the founders grandfather, Patrick Conway, this selection will soon become a favorite.

imgresLucky SOB Irish Red (Flying Dog Brewery) – To cover the craft brew division, this selection is a take on the “luck of the Irish” phrasing often thrown around on St. Patrick’s Day, even though nobody really knows where it came from. It is often thought  to be ironic, because Irish people have historically been unlucky. Reportedly brewed with real four-leaf clovers, this selection will offer you a rich amber color with a toasted, honey-sweet malt flavoring balanced with a subtle hop bite.

There you have it folks. More than enough choices for you and your party group to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Please feel free to share any other selections you may find along the way.  And as always, please drink with caution.


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Mollybrown’s Dining Guide – Newport Beach edition

Working at Mollybrown’s Swimwear, we are constantly answering one of two questions… what style of swim suit works the best for me and where is a good place to eat. With our outstanding customer service and swimwear knowledge, we are confident that we can find the perfect suit for each person coming through our doors. Fortunately, through trial and error and plenty of practice, we are also able to make mouth-watering suggestions for great local eaurlting establishments. Why we don’t suggest that these places are perfect for everyone, we do recommend trying them all just for the sake of your stomach.

Our first two suggestions fall under the Deli category and compete for our lunch money daily, Dory Deli and Sessions West Coast Deli. The Dory Deli, which opened in January 2015, is located just steps from the Newport Beach Pier on Oceanfront Drive. The name and concept is derived from the historic Dory Fleet Market and in honor of that their dishes are made daily with love. Using the freshest produce and highest quality meats and cheeses, everything is prepared to your order.


Sessions West Coast Deli is the second deli on our list and being local have embraced the areas surf culture.  Sessions has one mission: to serve the best sandwiches to ever hit your lips.  The term “west coast deli” is their way of describing their marriage of a high quality deli menu with the chill vibe that appeals to area locals and tourists alike.  With an extensive deli menu made fresh daily not a single member of your group will go hungry.

Our next selection is a personal favorite of one of our staff.  Crowburgerkitchen is the perfect example of combining fine food and great beer. All burgers contain 6oz of a top-secret proprietary blend of prime chuck, short rib, brisket and hangar steak, all ground daily in-house and never frozen. Pair one with the perfect micro-brewed beer and the day just got a little better.


What would visiting the coast be without that perfect seafood stop? The first selection is the Bear Flag Fish Co. Founded in 2007, they specialize in serving the freshest seafood in town. They have dedicated themselves to providing their customers with a healthy, high quality dining experience.  A fish market for the new generation, they provide a modern ambiance and focus on a healthy seafood cuisine.


A second seafood joint is literally  right next door, The Crab Cooker of Newport Beach.  Besides being favorite of tourists’ photo logs, The Crab Cooker is famous for proudly serving the finest Pacific caught Dungeness crab, Alaskan King Crab, cold water Australian lobster, King Salmon and much more. Promoting and using safe hook and line caught fishing methods, they bring in fresh fish daily for their menus. If you love seafood, you can’t go wrong here.


Next on our list is a local favorite for the Italian meal lovers, Mama D’s Italian Kitchen. Using old-fashioned and time-tested family recipes with only the finest ingredients, Mama D’s believes every meal is a delightful celebration. They are devoted to ensuring that you truly enjoy your meal and hope you have a “wonderful and memorable” experience.


Last, but my no means least, on our list is another personal favorite. You may have to drive a little to get there, but Sabatino’s Sausage Company will be more than worth the drive. Famous for their own unique sausage created by the Sabatino family in 1864, all of their food is created Sicilian style, fresh to your order. With outstanding customer service and a flavorful menu, Sabatino’s is a wonderful dining experience.


Well, there you have it. Seven suggestions to meet all of your dining needs. Just make sure you stop and visit Mollybrown’s Newport store for your new suits before you hit one of these establishments. We have a strict “final sale” policy and buying a suit after you eat at one of these dining establishments may affect the fit slightly. Just kidding!!



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Spring Break is here. Stock up now.


Spring Break is right around the corner. Are you prepared? For many of our clientele, an important factor when planning for Spring Break, or any trip for that manner, is having plenty of swimwear options at your disposal. Lucky for you, Molly Brown’s and our Molly Dolls are perfectly “suited” to find the perfect selection for any trip. With access to the top vendors around the world we are able to help you stand out in any crowd. Our first selection comes by way of PilyQ whose new Fleur print is turning heads and rapidly gaining fans.  We have included the Juliet halter top and Ava sarong, but other options are available.  The non-engineered print allows all your friends to wear the same suit and each one will be different from the next.


Vitamin A is another great brand for taking on a trip.  For Spring Break we have selected the Gemma bralette top and Celebrity string bottom in the new Maya print.  This colorful print will be a hit in any setting, whether on a beach in Mexico or by the pool in Las Vegas.




Next on the list of must-haves comes from another favorite of ours, L*Space by Monica Wise. To accentuate that perfect tan and to add a little pop to your collection, we have selected the Platinum top paired with the Hollywood bottom in the new Geranium print. This suit is sure to attract plenty of attention.


Our fourth selection comes from the new line of Acacia just arriving in our stores and flying off our walls.  We have chosen the Awapui top and Pipeline bottom in the LiHingMu print for this trip, but be sure to take a look at the rest of their line. We are positive you will find at least one style to satisfy your tastes.












We are moving on to another California native for our next recommendation.  Frankie’s Bikinis, originating from Malibu, has released this playful print just in time for the lazy days by the pool or an active day on the beach. We are excited to offer the Harlow top and bottom in the beautiful Shibori print.  Don’t take our word for it though, but do be sure to thank us when this suit becomes  a big hit wherever you end up.

Last but not least, do not forget that head turner that will have everyone talking.  To accomplish just that, our staff has selected the Golden Triangle suit in SeaSalt created by Minimale Animal.  If you aren’t looking to make an impression, you may want to look elsewhere, as this suit is not for the faint of heart.  Think you can handle it? Then by all means this is the showstopper you are looking for.


As a final thought, these choices may not for everyone so we highly recommend you stop by one of our stores (Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas) for a personal session with any one of our talented Molly Dolls.  We will make sure you are ready for any trip.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Molly Brown’s



Happy Valentine’s Day from Molly Brown’s Swimwear!!! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about chocolate and roses. We think the perfect gift in our neck of the woods (or beach) is perfect fitting swimwear. On the odd chance that your significant other forgot this important fact or you simply want to treat yourself, we have new styles arriving every day. We have selected a few options for you to try on.



Our first style is brought to you from Barcelona-based PilyQ. The Fleur print has quickly become a fan favorite and we offer both the Banded Halter or the Juliet Halter (pictured) paired with the Banded Teeny bottom. To complete the package we also carry the Ava sarong and the Lounge pant to ensemble. In addition, this is a non-engineered print, so you and your friends can all own the same suit and no two will look exactly the same.


Second on our list comes from one of the top brands in swimwear, Vitamin A. Located in Laguna Beach, California, Amahlia Stevens has carved out a name for herself with some of the most innovative swimwear designs you will discover anywhere. This year Vitamin A and Molly Brown’s has collaborated on two suits exclusively for sale at Molly Brown’s Swimwear. The Olivia Bralette and Hipster bottom (pictured) matches two of Vitamin A’s best cuts with a beautiful black and cream color scheme. The second collaboration pairs the Gia top and Samba bottom in a deep red. Be sure to check out our stores and website for this design, as well.



The next selection comes from one of the most recognized supermodels in the world. Alessandra Ambrosio has extended her brand into the world of swim with her own personal line, Ale’ by Alessandra. The High Neck halter and Pequeno bottoms we have chosen is in the new Treasure print. Alessandra has combined her Brazilian heritage and world travels to create a suit we have fallen in love with. We think you will too.



Finally, for those of you who like a one-piece with attitude, we have selected two for you to try on. Beach Riot has just released the new Moonshine one-piece with a Diamond Black print. Having just arrived in stores, you can be one of the first to own this beautiful print. The second selection is the Veruschka one-piece brought to you by Pacific & Driftwood. P&D is quickly making a name for themselves, and we offer this suede suit in both black (pictured) and tan.


Be sure to stop by one of our four locations in Laguna Beach, West Hollywood, Newport Beach and Las Vegas, or visit our website, and let one of our talented Molly Dolls select the perfect suit for you. And YES, we are open on Valentine’s Day for that last-minute gift .





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Molly Brown’s x Vitamin A Team Up

Molly Brown’s and Vitamin A Swimwear, two of the most prominent players in the swimwear industry, have joined together for a collaboration in design. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we have worked together to create not one, but two exclusive bikinis.  To kick of this collaboration we are holding an Instagram contest, giving away one of each suit to a winner AND their Bikini Bestie.  Be sure to check out our Instagram for directioIMG_1011ns on a chance to win one of these two suits.


IMG_0999The first suit being offered is the Olivia Bralette and Hipster Bottom in Black & Cream.  Having a 60’s influenced vibe, graphic cream lines trim this luxe black pique bikini. The architectural lines and vivid cutouts are sure to make a dramatic entrance at any gathering. Paired with the hipster bottom, Vitamin A’s California cut bottom allows the criss-crossing  to sit low-slung on the hip or raised for a strappy effect.


Our second pairing brings together the Gia Triangle top and Samba Bottom in a beautiful shade of Red. This timeless triangle string bikini top is cut to perfection by Vitamin A.  It features removable padding with ties at the back and neck for that perfect fit. It is partnered with their famous Samba hipster bottom with full ruching along the back.  This styling will surely allow for your cheekiest fit ever.



Don’t want to enter a contest? Didn’t get selected? Missed the entry date? Don’t Despair!! Both these suits will be made available EXCLUSIVELY at all Molly Brown’s store locations and on our website. Feel free to order online or visit our stores for a professional fitting with one of our Molly Dolls.


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Vendor Spotlight – Pacific & Driftwood


This week we are excited to introduce you to designer Pacific & Driftwood.  Why do you shop at Molly Brown’s Swimwear?  The reasons are as multiple and unique as our lines of swimwear, apparel and accessories.  You want that wow factor to help stand out and make the perfect entrance into any situation.  We understand this and go above and beyond to find that “perfect suit”.  To satisfy our clients, Molly Brown’s spends a great deal of time building relationships with the top swimwear designers available and are constantly looking for the next great brand.  Pacific & Driftwood is exactly one of those types of brands and we are excited to showcase them in 2016.


Debuting in 2014 out of Venice Beach at the cross streets of her home, Pacific and Driftwood, P&D came to fruition when Owner/Designer Christian Cox left a career she was miserable in and celebrated her new found freedom with a Caribbean getaway.  Unable to find  the perfect bikini to suit her personality, she created the perfect suit for her, showcasing her 4th generation California roots and rock-and-roll personality.  By the end of the trip her suit was the hit of the island and had admirers all around asking for custom suits of their own.



Inspired by the response, Christian began her own Etsy store and within a week had taken over 300 orders worldwide.  What followed was sleepless nights, overwhelming pressure to satisfy orders, magazine and store demands for samples and, finally, some much needed assistance from an investor from Dubai who offered backing while allowing her to keep full creative and branding control.


What emerged was an exciting and unique brand of swimwear offering jaw dropping aesthetics, original prints, playful and sexy creations that continue to evolve with collaborations of ambassadors, artists, models and other designers that have earned the respect of Pacific & Driftwood.  We at Molly Brown’s are excited to carry the P&D brand and can’t wait to see what she designs next.  You can purchase our selection of Pacific & Driftwood on-line or visit one of our stores for a personal fitting with our expert sales staff.


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Destination: West Hollywood



Located in West Hollywood, at the heart of Sunset Strip you will find a little gem located in the iconic Sunset Plaza.  Molly Brown’s most recent store is on the fast track to becoming one of the Strip’s most popular locations dealing in high-end swimwear and apparel.  To assist both locals and vacationers alike, we have taken it upon ourselves to help our valued clients navigate this spectacular area steeped in both history and current modernization.





Our first recommendation for starting your day is breakfast at The Church Key. A self described “circus of taste”, every moment at The Church Key is an interactive experience. Their inventive menu with Dim-sum style service, creative cocktails and flaming dessert appeals to everyone. Our Molly Dolls have pointed out that the highlight of breakfast is the Bottomless Mimosas, a perfect start to any day.





Now that breakfast is over, and you have made your way over to Molly Brown’s to stock up your wardrobe, it is time to work on your tan at the SkyBar @ Mondrian Hotel.  This open air, ivy-covered pavilion located above the pool and outdoor living room has been one of Los Angeles top hot spots since the day it opened.  Boasting some of the finest views in all of LA, you will be sure to enjoy your afternoon showing off your new swimwear.



Getting an early dinner should be your next stop.  We are sending you to BOA Steakhouse for this.  BOA artfully combines a bold, colorful environment with a modern-day steakhouse fare. For the meat-lover, we personally recommend the “40 Day” dry aged New York Strip, but feel to choose from any of their Organic Certified Beef and Premium American Wagyu.  BOA steaks are all served choice rubs and sauces, including their own J-1 sauce.  There are not many weak spots, in our opinion.





After dinner, take a short drive down the strip to Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails for a few drinks.  Located on an iconic corner of Sunset Strip this hot spot represents a welcome revolution in cuisine and nightlife as WeHo’s latest hospitality experience. A favorite among local foodies and nightlife connoisseurs alike, Hyde Sunset Kitchen has plenty of creative cocktails for you to try between stops.



Our last stop of the evening may be the highlight for some.  Recently opened Bootsy Bellows, brought to us in part by actor David Arquette, brings a 60’s Art Deco inspired night club paired with live entertainment.  This venue is already becoming a go to spot for some of Hollywood’s Elite.  Take a chance here and you just may rub elbows with your favorite actor or actress.


Whether or not you take our advice or plot your own journey,  you will have no trouble finding a cavalcade of shopping, dining, nightlife and world renown hotels.  Just be sure to stop into Molly Brown’s Swimwear located in the Sunset Plaza and allow our Molly Dolls to outfit you from head to toe.  Our customer service and unmatched product offering will have you coming back for more.



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