Beach Bunny Marmalade Bikini– Explicitly Mesmerizing!

Beach Bunny Marmalade Bikini
Beach Bunny Marmalade Bikini
Beach Bunny Marmalade swimsuit is here to dazzle your wardrobe and needless to say, onlookers as well. Considered as one of the leading swimwear brands, Beach Bunny has successfully delighted fashion forward communities with every passing year.

The Marmalade swimsuit is an adorable piece and a perfect companion for your nautical vacations. The brain behind the creation, Angela Chittenden is all geared up to take runways and waterfronts by storm. With the Marmalade beach apparel around, there seem to be no doubts about it.

Marmalade swimsuit– Scintillating fashion redefined!

Perfect for your tropical season getaways, the Beach Bunny Marmalade bikini features a fixed triangle top which is royal and chic. Made in luxurious Satin stretch, this designer swimsuit gives you the desired ultra feminine appeal.

The low rise Brazilian bottom of the bikini has a ruffled lace skirt and a fixed cameo brooch. A French inspired swimsuit, the Beach Bunny Marmalade is for all those ladies who are sassy, playful and audacious.

Shop for this bikini at Molly Brown’s and add a marvel to your wardrobe this summer. You can get your hands on some stunning accessories and designer cover ups as well.

Distinct fashion is here, wear your Beach Bunny Marmalade swimsuit and cherish your new style today!

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