Bikini Body Tips – Hear From Hollywood’s A-List Divas

Having a bikini body is indeed a huge deal and for those who are religiously fashion conscious, it’s like a second identity. So, what exactly does it take to have those perfect flaunt-able curves or as they say, an ‘hourglass’ figure? Well, let’s hear it from our A-Listers of the Hollywood fraternity, since they have quite an experience of making it to the headlines all the time, all thanks to their great torsos and curves. How else do you think the tabloids get drooling readers?

Bikini season has always done the rounds all over the map and now that there are just few months for it to get concluded, valuable tips to have the right swimsuit body and that too from celebrities are any day worth a peek.

Well, how to manipulate these tips according to your lifestyle patterns is entirely your say. We do our bit for you; check out what your favorite stars do to keep in shape before stepping onto the sand:

  • Kelly Brook – This hot shot chic makes sure she doesn’t have even the tiniest ounce of extra flab by her side or center, whatever. She follows a strict fitness regime and dwells on juice and vegetable detox diet, whilst maintaining her regular workouts.
  • Cameron Diaz – Shutterbugs follow her in whatever she does and wherever she goes. Apparently that calls for some caution as well, major credit to her Hollywood status. And believe us this diva has never fallen short of touting the best she has. How? Munching on healthy snacks throughout the day?
  • Mel B – The ex Spice girl does 600 sit ups everyday, eats grilled fish, chicken with vegetables and gravy and skips salt and butter. No wonder her six pack bod is an ace.
  • Eva Longoria – The ‘Desperate Housewives’ star insists on keeping the desperate tag at least when it comes to pruning the extra flesh. She dwells on everything that is healthy but she doesn’t compromise on greasy diet either. All she takes care of is, moderate-intake. Her personal trainer seems to be as amazing as her popularity graph!
  • Do you think celebrity diet charts and exercise regimes will work with you? Or you think every body requires a distinct tone up program like every women needs a unique swimwear design?

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