Beat the Bikini Blues

A bikini body is probably not easy to get. Slipping into a bikini could make you feel really jittery. Even most of the celebs who adorn those teeny-weeny bits of clothing have felt the shivers before they flaunt their fab bodies in designer bikinis or swimsuits.

Contrary to the common perception, bikinis are not only for the petite-framed but come in all sizes. Adorning any piece of clothing be it swimwear or otherwise, has much to do with your confidence rather than the attire itself. Even the best of the bods can look pallor & non-glamorous sans attitude. Flaunt it like it was made for you and see the heads turning.

How to get the Perfect Bikini Bod?

It may be good to love yourself the way you are but taking everything for granted is not again a recommended thing. A little work-out should not be averted if that can help you get a toned body for beaches. The concern areas, when you’re planning to flaunt an itsy-bitsy bikini from your collection, would be abs, butts, thighs and the upper chest.

A right mix of weights and a cardio-routine is essentially what you should look at for cutting that extra flab. Always remember, its not about working out for longer but much about working out smarter. A routine that exercises all your muscles and concern areas is definitely better as opposed to a longer duration of repetitive exercises.

Also these would prove to be less time consuming and provide you quick results. So why not start preparing for next year’s swimwear and summer fiesta? Browse through Molly Brown’s and choose the perfect designer swimsuit for your new body that you shall be a proud owner of!

As penned by the Irish novelist Mrs. Hungerford ,’The Duchess’ – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so make sure that every eye that beholds you is fixed with awe! Beat the bikini blues with a beautiful you!

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