Chio Fiori Bikini – Blending Vintage with Vogue

Chio Fiori Bikini
Chio Fiori Bikini
Chio Fiori Bikini, a show stopper swimsuit that will sure to sizzle and shine at the beach. It is the perfect bikini from the pioneers of swimwear fashion, Chio.

Stefania D Simone first got Italian and American glamor together through her Chio Swimwear line in spring 1999. An out-and-out sensation, Chio is a beachwear tag which casts its spell on all who are inclined for beach and summer getaways.

Take a sneak peek at the Chio’s latest Fiori bikini and it won’t come as a surprise to you as to why the tag manages to gather numerous accolades all the time. The Chio Fiori is a beautiful blend of vintage classic with trendy vogue styles.

Chio Fiori Swimwear – Admiration is Inevitable!

Made out of premium fabrics, the Chio beachwear range is currently designed by Stefania D Simone and her sister Maria Cristina D Simone. A mention of their recently launched Fiori swimsuit and instantly the mind ponders over exclusive.

A hot summer must have, the Chio Fiori bikini is an astonishing sliding triangle with feminine ruffle trim and cute blue ribbon laced around. The bow at the center is the most adorable thing which could happen to this swimsuit.

Get your hands on this gorgeous bikini at the Molly Brown’s and look stunningly ravishing this summer. The store also exhibits designer cover ups and accessories to grace you further.

Spill some style beans at the beach with the Chio Fiori adorned this summer. Get your piece today!

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