Chio Favola Swimwear – Go Color Rafting this Summer!

Chio Favola Bikini
Chio Favola Bikini
Designer swimwear is definitely a work of art, and this season, the trendiest artistic bikini is the Chio Favola swimwear. Just look around a little, shift your perspective and voila, you will surely feel like a walking piece of art with this bikini flattering and accentuating each and everyone of your curves!The Chio Favola is taking art, trends and designs to an altogether new level!

Chio Favola swimsuit – Adorn abstract art this summer

Chio Favola designer swimsuit has a sliding halter featuring gorgeous fairy design and scattered Swarovski crystals throughout. This feature makes it exclusively beautiful and stunning. The designer bikini conveys an impression as if an artist has performed a random color play. Chio Favola swimsuit ties at the neck and back providing perfect custom fit. The bottom of the bikini has a hipster brief style with moderate coverage which gives an unbelievable contouring.

Chio Favola swimwear and many other designer swimsuits are exhibited at Molly Brown’s along with cover ups, accessories and apparels. Pick your piece today!

Ready to flaunt the racing pastels this summer? Sport the Chio Favola bikini and get the onlookers on their knees.

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