Cia Maritima Hippie Chic Dress – Simply Superb!

Cia Maritima Hippie Chic Dress
Cia Maritima Hippie Chic Dress
Cia Maritima is credited to be the hottest and the most sought-after swimwear line in the league of designer swimwear ranges. Launched by Benny Rosset back in1990, this sexy swimwear line in known for its detailed handwork, fine embroideries, crystal beading and intricate trims. The designer swimwear brand is all geared up to recreate the magic with the Cia Maritima Hippie Chic Dress. The exquisite tunic epitomizes smart dressing, in the true sense of the words.

Cia Maritima Hippie Chic Dress is a stunning tunic that would set the hearts pounding with its outstanding semblance and amazing fit. With its cutting-edge designing and graceful appeal, it is a perfect pick for spending some memorable moments on the sultry beaches.

Cia Maritima Hippie Chic Dress – Beautiful and breathtaking!

Cia Maritima Hippie Chic Dress feature elegant ball sleeves with leopard print trims that enhances its overall appeal. The plunging neckline is adorned with a gold center ring and under bust tie. Not to mention, the sexy hippie inspired print is a perfect match for the gorgeous leopard print trim. The ultimate fit and ultra feminine look of this smart tunic adds a touch of bodacious glamor and finesse to it.

It is a perfect pick for those on a lookout for some peppy dresses, in order to spend some casual moments on the beach, without taking a dip in the inviting waters! You may pick this amazing tunic at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station, one-stop station for all your swimwear needs.

Buy this elegant Cia Maritima Hippie dress and get ready for some wonderful compliments coming your way!

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