Cia Maritima Python – Purely Fashion-esque

Cia Maritima Python Swimsuit
Cia Maritima Python Swimsuit
The Cia Maritima Python bikini oozes elegance, class and luxe. For all those who refuse to compromise on serious fashion, this swimsuit is a certain resort. The Python swimsuit is an ensemble of exotic and dandy vogue. Considered as one of the renowned pied pipers of the surf world, Cia Maritima signature is a Brazilian marvel. The tag has reigned several fashion runways and left impressive marks upon major fashion editors.

After gathering immense praises over the years, Karla Colletto, the founder, doesn’t seem to rest. With her latest Python designer swimsuit hitting the fashion markets, there’s no denying that the tag is here to stay.

Python Bikini – Totally beach worthy

The swimsuit is a sensuous bandeau style piece which gives you a gorgeous shape. Very comfy and stunning, the Cia Maritima Python bikini features optional ties around the neck and short sash tie at the back.

Cia Maritima Python swimsuit provides you moderate coverage at the back. If your motto is to tout your glam diva image at the beaches this summer, look no further than the Python bikini.

Feel like confessing your admiration for it already? It’s the time that you make your pick and adorn yourself with the Python. Trusty shopping place, you ask? Molly Brown’s is what we suggest.

Cruise through looking fabulous with the Cia Maritima Python bikini this season!

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