Cia Maritima Twice Shy Dress – Bring Sexy Back this Summer!

Cia Maritima Twice Shy Dress
Cia Maritima Twice Shy Dress
One of the hottest Brazilian designer swim wear line, Cia Maritima presents Twice Shy Dress, an extremely sexy and sensational dress, that can be worn over your swimsuits, jeans or by simply by itself. Wear it any ways you want, but be prepared to handle more attention than usual!

Made from an incredibly soft Brazilian swim fabric, the Twice Shy Dress will make you look intimidatingly amazing. So get ready to roll some eyes with this Cia Maritima marvel. The Twice Shy Dress is perfect for summers, as its congenial swim fabric will keep your skin cool and refreshing, while it turns up the heat for others.

Twice shy? – Get the Cia Maritima today!

Let the bikinis and swimsuits rule the beaches. With the Cia Maritima Twice Shy Dress, you can be rest assured of ruling the hearts everywhere else. This Cia Maritima dress is perfect for both the sweetness of spring and the sizzle of summer.

The Twice Shy Dress has mid-thigh length and a waist-string tie that subtly caresses your contours, much to the envy of your girl friends! The Cia Maritima signature exclusivity is very much evident in this versatile Twice Shy Dress.

Cia Maritima is renowned for its saucy swim wear and attractive bikinis and with the Twice Shy Dress, the designer beachwear range has furthered its legacy of fantastic fashion. Cia Maritima Twice Shy Dress is available at Molly Brown’s, which also features a stunning range of Cia Maritima swim wear and apparels.

Let the Brazilian softness of the Twice Shy Dress by Cia Maritima embrace you.

Shine through summer with Molly Brown’s unique range of leading designer swim wear, apparels, accessories and cover-ups.

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