Despi Animal Copocabana – When Wild meets Lush!

Despi Animal Copacabana Bikini
Despi Animal Copacabana Bikini
Despi Animal Copocabana swimsuit lets the slice of your wild side get all the attention it deserves. Well, may be more, you never know and don’t complain, for it all adds up to your charm, doesn’t it?

Despi swimwear brand has always proved to be one of the ‘glamazon’ signatures of the surf world. Now you ask, what’s glamazon? According to our interpretations, when glamor metamorphoses into a lifestyle. And the newest Despi Animal Copocabana isn’t only an expression of glamor and sauciness, but also a piece which can score the highest in the must-have-swimwear category!

What strikes to mind, when you take a sneak peek at this little scorch-hot bikini number? Very obviously the zebra prints, halter design and may be those in-vogue beads as well! But, there’s more to it, the designer swimsuit allows custom fit and is perfect for every bosom size.

Despi Animal swimsuit – Wild is sultry

It’s cut out in a way to let you get the perfect bronze and flaunt your torso exactly the way you want. A swimsuit scores if it’s a blend of class, luxe, hint of mystique, and oodles of personality. And, the Despi Animal bikini unquestionably is imbued with all these elements.

If you have a well toned bikini body, trust us, this Despi Animal swimsuit can make onlookers’ eyes pop out of wonderment. And if you don’t have one, you can tout this with a sexy see-through cover up, whilst continuing your gym sessions and workouts.

This autumn, whether you have pool bashes to attend or show up at any black tie get togethers, don this cool swimsuit and cruise through, looking stunning.

Pick your Despi Animal Copocabana at Molly Brown’s and get set to radiate the savage side of your diva image!

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