Havaianas Flip Flops – The Perfect Accessories!

Havaianas Flip Flops
Havaianas Flip Flops
Summers mean beaches, and beaches mean sexy swimwear. But you cannot just wear a really nice swimsuit and expect the look to be complete. Accessories are a must! Especially cute and fun flip flops which are colorful, comfortable and eye catching.

Think flip flops and Havaianas is probably the first name that comes to mind. Over the years, Havaianas have been complimenting designer beachwear by making sure that the look is perfectly complete.

Havaianas flip flops, inspired by the Japanese flip flop ‘The Zori’, first made appearance in 1962. The name is actually Portuguese for Hawaiians. For years, Havaianas have been gracing the feet of fashion conscious divas all over the world. Pairing them with designer beachwear promises to add that extra oomph to the already gorgeous you!

The Havaianas effect – making designer swimwear sexier

Why are these sandals so unique, you ask? The answer is a 42-year old secret Brazilian rubber formula created exclusively by Designer Alpargatas. Irresistibly soft and incredibly chic, Havaianas have graced the dainty feet of models at hottest fashion shows, on sport magazines, on fashion runways at New York Fashion Week and even at red carpet events.

Pick up a pretty pair of Havaianas from our online designer swimwear and beachwear accessories store. We offer all the latest designs, including the limited edition Havaianas birdie sandals. Match them with a beautiful Vitamin A or Vix swimsuit and get ready to steal hearts and turn heads!

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