Jennifer Aniston Wishes to Create Her Own Swimwear Line

Jennifer Aniston seems to have fallen for swimsuit designing as well! The former ‘FRIENDS’ star confessed her desires of introducing her own swimwear line in a recent interview. This is the first time that Jennifer has planned to venture into the world of bikini fashion. And the intense interest has apparently stemmed from the challenges that she has faced while searching out for bikinis for herself.

Jennifer’s kitty has never had a dearth of limelight, fan following and famous men falling for her! There are no two ways that the damsel is definitely a style diva and knows exactly what she does and wants. So, there has to be something substantial about her swimwear inclinations as well; given the spectacular career graph that she has carved. Also, it goes without saying that she would easily manage to fetch many fanatic buyers too. We just wonder, would Angelina Jolie make it to be one of her loyal customers as well? Well, for that we got to wait and watch 😉

Jennifer Aniston – Would-be swimwear designer

The 40 year old celebrity is known to possess a fine knack for fashion and we can expect her bikini creations to be also oozing a good amount of vogue, élan and exquisiteness. She is currently busy in promoting her latest movie Love Happens and then she has plans to take time off to go on an adventurous holiday. We just wish that her swimwear line also takes off soon.

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