Swimwear Trends – What’s up for Next Year

Trendy Swimwear
Trendy Swimwear
Swimwear fashion has come a long way and is perfected every year. There are no denials that bikinis were not as stylish and chic few decades ago, as they are today. Retro or vintage style was more about keeping the modesty alive. Women in the contemporary era are more outgoing, super flamboyant and have oodles of confidence to flaunt their best assets. There’s less of coy and more of chutzpah in today’s women, to each, her own.

Beachwear is lifestyle for all fashion conscious ladies. Considering the transition, swimwear designers also come up with creations which are chic, exotic and have mainstream appeal. Summer sun is shining bright and the surf world is brimming with latest beach apparel designs. Swimsuit trends are more centralized around dazzling colors, unique designs and comfy fits.

Swimwear trends for 2009 and 2010

Among the colors which rule the fashion palettes, purple, emerald green and jewel tones with few shades of blue are big winners. Bikinis are apparently a hot favorite among stylistas but monokinis, tankinis, one piece malliots also continue to be popular with many women.

Retro swimwear is also creeping its way back into fashion. Those who insist on briefer looks and soaking up the sun a little more than the usual to get a perfect tan, bikinis are an instant choice. Frills and gorgeous embellishments are also big sellers. Animal prints are favored by those who love to flaunt the slice of their wild side.

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