Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress – Dress to Tame!

Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress
Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress
Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress, the fabulous mini dress is done in cunning leopard print promising to make you look wilder and trendier! With an adjustable neck-tie, you can keep the neckline low or high as per your liking. The sexy mini dress features a gorgeous silk fleur-de-lis inspired fabric that is layered on the leopard print.

Letarte always manages to create ripples with its one-of-the-kinds swimwear pieces and is therefore a hot-favorite with celebs and fashion editors. With this Letarte mini dress, the swimwear fashion will certainly incline toward the untamed style!

Letarte Skull Fleury Short Dress – Unleash your Wilder Side!

Letarte Skull Fleury short dress is ideal for evenings and lounge parties. Its unique wild leopard print is definitely above- the-league and gives you a look you’ve always been craving for. A neck-tie that can be customized and the gorgeous silk fleur-de-lis makes it simply irresistible.

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