Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress – Elegance Reincarnated!

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress
Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress is a charming, classy and sexy creation by the esteemed designer swimwear line that has been creating ripples in the swimwear fashion circuit with its bewitching and coltish pieces. Being touted as one of the most versatile dresses in the designer swimwear domain, it is sure to capture hearts with its drop-dead-gorgeous appeal!

This irresistibly enticing dress is an ideal swimwear piece to stay on the beach without taking a dip in the inviting blue waters! You will be floored by its peerless pick-me-appeal! Grab this amazing dress at the Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station, and get set to hit the beach-world draped in this exquisite Letarte beauty!

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress – Beautifully Yours!

Letarte Skull Fleury Long Dress has a leopard lining and gorgeous fleur-de-lis pattern that add a dash of glamorous elegance to this Letarte marvel. It features a funky feminine gather at the center and an adjustable neck strap that can be worn around the neck or tied to be worn strapless.

Needless to say,this Letarte swimwear piece is a perfect pick to revamp your swimwear fashion wardrobe. So, go ahead. Buy one for yourself at Molly Brown’s and get set to be a beach diva!

In case of any query about designer swimwear, feel free to contact us at usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com. We would be happy to answer!

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