Letarte Jade Swimsuit – Flaunt Serene Fashion

Letarte Jade Swimsuit
Letarte Jade Swimsuit
Ever wondered why Letarte swimwear has always managed to top style charts and woo fashion forward ladies? The designer swimwear range has never had any dearth of style, novelty, luxe and romance in its pieces. The newest Jade swimsuit hailing from the same designer house is totally chic and is imbued with all the above mentioned trademark elements.

No wonder, that it has already scored fans and fashion critics’ accolades. Autumn calls for an influx of pool parties and beach get togethers and the Letarte Jade swimsuit proves out to be a numero uno without second thoughts. This pure white bikini is serene yet sexy. Do you need anything else to be tagged as a Diva?

Letarte Jade swimsuit – A bit of peace and a lot of charm

Letarte Jade bikini features a sliding triangle top that comes with comfy neck and back ties to give you the extreme sultry look. The bottom of the swimsuit is stunning and skimpy, featuring a unique double string side styling. There is a pinch of elegance, hint of sauciness and oodles of personality in this particular Letarte bikini.

Fetch your Jade swimsuit from Molly Brown’s and try teaming up your Jade swimsuit with any of the cover ups or accessories and we are sure you are going to be the ‘hot’ diva of the day!

Well, you can’t help but grant eyes popping out of wonder. It’s always good to keep a tab on your admirers, isn’t it?

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