Letarte Lotus Dress – Grab the Wow-factor!

Letarte Lotus Dress
Letarte Lotus Dress
Letarte swimwear has been the favorite of some of the hottest women who love to flaunt their beautifully toned bodies. Needless to say, Letarte continues to reign over the hearts of the swimwear enthusiasts with its ultra hot designs and brilliant silhouettes. The latest to redefine the Letarte magic is, the Letarte Lotus Dress! With 50% off on swimwear dresses and cover ups at Molly Brown’s, this Letarte beauty can be yours at half the price; if you hurry!

A stunning silk beauty, the Letarte Lotus Dress has it all, from trendy cuts, brilliant designs and an admirable semblance! This beautifully crafted dress is a gorgeous option for those planning on some tranquil moments by the poolside or in the lap of nature. Be rest assured that the onlookers would be bowled over by the stunning appeal of this super-cute beachwear dress.

Letarte Lotus Dress – Discover and adorn yourself!

Letarte Lotus Dress features an extremely cute and feminine baby doll triangle top, with crossover ties in the back. The girly appeal of this striking sexy outfit is sure to provide you the perfect style statement for different occasions; thanks to its charismatic grace and an amazing fit.

This mid thigh length dress features an outstanding blend of wild animal print with floral accents, that enhance its ‘wow-factor’!

To top it all, this sexy Letarte dress is lined and has removable cup pads. Thus, all in all, it is a great pick for all the ladies around the globe who believe in the mantra of peerless fashion-obsession!

Shop for this amazing Lotus dress at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station, and revamp your swimwear wardrobe with the true flavor of the season, whose appeal is not restricted by it.

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