Lisa Lozano and Ravishing Ruffles Reign Again in 2009

Lisa Lozano Swimwear
Lisa Lozano Swimwear
Mention ruffles or micro bikinis and Lisa Lozano is a name which cannot go unnoticed. A trendsetter beachwear range, Lisa Lozano has created immense waves over the years and has yet again hit the fashion markets with her signature; ruffles.

This time, it’s even better with the brand’s latest collections enticing fashion moguls and the crème of the celebrity hive, already. Whether it’s the Braids swimsuit, Bohemian Ruffle bikini, the Basket Weave or the Cutie Pie, Lisa Lozano has rolled up her sleeves to take the entire fashion realm by awe with her creations.

Lisa Lozano Swimwear – All what it takes to be a designer brand

Initially labeled as TNA, Lisa Lozano got the current tag after 2006 and is still going strong. Lisa Lozano swimwear brand is well acknowledged for its unique, teenie-weenie and totally feminine bikinis. Ruffles, unconventional colored tops and bottoms, multi colored stripe bottoms along with gorgeous embellishments are just some of the highlights of their swimsuit designs.

Get your hands on these frenchie style Lisa Lozano swimsuits at Molly Brown’s and let the diva in you grace the beaches this summer. If you think your wardrobe requires some more beachwear upgrading, then Molly Brown’s has some exclusive cover ups and accessories as well.

Go on girl, adorn yourself with any of the Lisa Lozano bikinis and let the onlookers stare at you with amazement!

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