Lisa Lozano Belted Mini – Playfully Attractive!

Lisa Lozano Belted Mini
Lisa Lozano Belted Mini
Liza Lozano Belted Mini Dress by the leading swimwear designer brand Lisa Lozano, is set to rock the fashionistas with its sexy fit and easy-to-carry-off appeal. Designed with 100% Lycra, this gorgeous dress is a perfect pick for a romantic beach evening with its chic look and killer silhouettes.

Lisa Lozano has been putting together an enticing collection of designer swim suits over the years, with its sexy Brazilian cuts and flawless fits. This sexy belted mini is also cut out with the same finesse.

Lisa Lozano Belted Mini – Romance redefined!

Lisa Lozano Belted Mini is crafted with a perfect blend of glam and elegance. The sexy strapless dress is a beautiful designer swimwear creation that would lend you a ravishing post-pool side look. This super-sporty, strapless mini can be picked at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear station.

The sexy strapless dress is adorned with an adorable white studded belt that adds to its grace besides giving you a superb fit. It also features a sophisticated elastic waist that perfectly sculpts the body and helps enhance the feminine contours.

For people on a look out for trendy swimwear outfits, this chic Lisa Lozano creation is sure to come up as a real hit this season.

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