Luli Fama Swimwear – Dramatically Sensuous

Luli Fama swimwear is crisp sexiness and alluring elegance! Sensuous is the name of the game when you seek swimsuits and Luli Fama is definitely one of the leading players, when it comes to designer beachwear. The signature bikini brand is a celebration of modern silhouettes and vivacious hues of the tropical season.

Lourdes Hanimian, innovator and owner of Luli Fama swimwear is regarded as one of the most influential designers in the surf world and has always managed to make damsels project the ‘GLAM DIVA’ image through his swimsuit creations. The lablel’s creations have everything that a beach bunny would want in her designer bikini. Consider your search over if you had always desired your designer swimsuit to have an exotic appeal. Luli Fama is the brand for you!

Luli Fama swimwear – Be the hottest thing around

Celebrities, style gurus and fashion forward women have confessed their unconditional admiration for Luli Fama bikinis over the years. Hanimian is a master in fabricating beachwear that helps women tout their best assets and conceal what they don’t wish to show. Isn’t that what we call a wizard?

Luli Fama has been churning out designs which instantly attain the numero uno status among stylistas and make their presence felt in the upscale bikini category. Luli Fama swimsuits embrace your curves just in the perfect measure, Neither too much nor too little!

Pick your Luli Fama bikini today at Molly Brown’s and brace yourself to make men go weak in their knees! Where, you ask? Even if the sun isn’t around much, you still have pool bashes and after hours get togethers. Pair up your swimsuit with some jeans or cover up and coast through looking gorgeous.

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