Luli Fama Wild Thing Bikini – Flaunt a Slice of your Wild Side

Luli Fama Wild Thing Bikini
Luli Fama Wild Thing Bikini
Luli Fama swimwear is a fusion of sultry and innocence. Brains behind the brand, Lourdes Hanimian and Augusto Hanimian have always taken the surf world by surprise with their creations. The signature’s newest bikini, the Wild Thing also seems to bring back the glam waves to the fashion fraternity.

Vibrant colors, unique silhouettes and a high fashion appeal define Luli Fama tag aptly. The designer swimwear forefronts major style files and leading fashion gurus have been giving thumbs up to each of its collections.

Wild Thing swimsuit – Fashion fling season is here

2009 summertime is in full heat and Luli Fama Wild Thing swimsuit is one marvelous piece that can instantly hook any fashion conscious lady’s admiration. Fashion is all set to reach its peak with Luli Fama Wild Thing swimsuit hitting the swimwear circuit.

All sensuous, dramatic and let’s admit, even flamboyant, the Luli Fama Wild Thing bikini is a triangle top with sexy cuts. The wavy edges create a feminine and a flirtatious appeal. The bottom is sewn with tiny seams to avoid any discomfort. The knot at the center is the cutest thing which could happen to this little bikini number.

If you think you have already fallen for it, make no delay to get your hands on the Wild Thing this summer at the Molly Brown’s.

Spruce up your charisma a little more by pairing your Wild Thing swimsuit with some attractive accessories at display on the online swimwear store.

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