50% off on ALL Molly Brown’s Swimwear and Cover Ups!

Swimwear season may have whisked away but the splurge party has just begun with Molly Brown’s offering a whopping 50% OFF on ALL designer swimsuits, bikinis and cover ups! The 50% off sale is only for a limited period and does not include accessories. Still it is too hot to be either resisted or missed!

Molly Brown’s online swimwear store is offering discounts on bikinis, swimsuits, cover ups, dresses, sun dresses and tunics by leading designers such as Vitamin A Gold, Letarte, L*Space, Salinas, Obabash, Ondademar and the list just goes on and on!

Now you have a chance to buy Cia Maritima’s signature Brazilian cuts or Beach Bunny’s sexy bikinis at a price that will make you smile from one ear to the other! Seems impossible? Well it’s not! So break out from the trance and go splurge on some haute couture swimwear!

Molly Brown’s Swimwear Sale – Stock up for the Next Season!

Still waiting for an excuse to get your hands on swanky high-end designer beachwear? Well how about stocking up for 2010 swimwear season? All swimsuits, bikinis and cover ups available at Molly Brown’s are timeless beachwear collections that can fit in with the trends of any season! So you won’t be out of sync’ in 2010!

Perky pool side parties or lounging sessions at dusk that do not require a season’s merit are still brimming, so make sure you have the perfect designer dress or tunic to adorn and enjoy those in! You can also pair up your sun dress or tunic dress with a snazzy pair of jeans and make a style statement that could be the fashion trend for Autumn.

Don’t wait for next year to get your favorite designer swimwear bikini! The swimwear season’s tide did not wait but the time is still here and it is offering an alluring opportunity!

What are you waiting for? Get ready to horde saucy, sexy, catty, elegant, gorgeous and luscious swimwear in your wardrobe. After all, season specials are not always on the offer!

To know more about the swimwear sale or any other information, email us at: usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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