Odabash Briony Dress Rose – Rosy Elegance!

Odabash Briony Rose Dress
Odabash Briony Dress Rose
Odabash Briony Dress Rose is a stunning marvel designed by the coveted and one of the most-sought-after designer swimwear lines, Odabash. Having graced celebrities of the likes of Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Elle Macpherson, Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta Jones, Odabash swimwear pieces never fail to strike a rapport with the fashion mavens!

Odabash Briony Dress Rose looks enticingly promising and irresistibly sexy. Needless to mention, the innocent simplicity and sophistication of the dress impressively speaks for itself!

Odabash Briony Dress Rose – Unforgettably beautiful!

The vibrantly beautiful swimwear creation by Odabash is undoubtedly one of those rare pieces, that leave a mark in the hearts of onlookers for years to come! Believe us you, the pretty rosy semblance and the overwhelmingly soothing color of this ravishing dress would make you go gaga over it.

It features a bewitching embroidered trim, quarter length sleeves and a slightly plunging neckline, that looks great when complimented with an ideal bikini. The stunningly graceful mid-thigh length makes it look even better!

Think no more. Buy one for yourself at Molly Brown’s designer swimwear, and experience your beach sojourns in this incredibly sexy dress! The Odabash dress would be available mid-November.

Send in your designer swimwear queries at usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com.

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