Odabash Lydia Plum Swimsuit – Bringing Sultry Back

Odabash Lydia Plum Bikini
Odabash Lydia Plum Bikini
Odabash swimsuits are a requisite for all those who do not compromise on extreme sensuality and eye-catching charisma. Brand’s visionary designer, Melissa Odabash is a pacesetter entity in the swimwear fashion world and there are no doubts about it. Her latest creation, the Lydia Plum swimsuit is imbued with all the trademark elements that Odabash swimwear is known for. Whether it’s class, elegance, luxe or flamboyance, the Odabash Lydia Plum has it all.

A pure Italian style bikini, the Lydia Plum bikini is so sensuous that even the sun will appear dull before its excessive lush. Odabash Lydia Plum guarantees to give you enough reasons to cherish the beach getaways.

Lydia Plum bikini- Blending sheen and sensuality

Celebrities like Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford love to flaunt their curves on the beaches in Odabash designer swimsuits. And the 2009 Lydia Plum bikini is all set to add new stars to the clientele.

The Odabash Lydia Plum swimsuit is a shimmery slide halter which ties around the neck to give you a customized fit. The jewel like stone in the center adds that perfect oomph to the whole appeal. The bottom of the designer bikini is low, sexy and fits well.

If you love getting bronzed during summertime, Odabash Lydia Plum is the attire for you. Make time without delay to go to the Molly Brown’s and make your pick today! The store will also suffice your need to teem your Lydia Plum bikini with some cool accessories and cover ups as well.

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