OndadeMar Blue Moon Swimsuit – Fashion-out-Loud

OndadeMar Blue Moon Bikini
OndadeMar Blue Moon Bikini
The newest OndadeMar Blue Moon swimsuit is hot enough to melt the snow caps and cute enough to freeze onlookers in their place. Well, this surely signals that autumn fashion is going to be pretty loud and tantalizing. Summer sun has turned passive and autumn can be around anytime. Although bikini season isn’t in full swing, but OndadeMar still gives you a reason to step out and flaunt your torso in this little Blue Moon swimsuit piece. Where, you ask? Mid day beach parties and pool bashes. You can teem up your Blue Moon with some sexy cover up as well and relish the glory that is bound to turn your way!

OndadeMar is a Columbian brand that is dedicated to producing some darling-yet-daring unique swimwear. In business since 1980s, the signature has wowed fashion gurus, moguls and ladies who are religiously fashionable. OndadeMar is well known for its Latin flair and the Blue Moon bikini also oozes similar effects.

OndadeMar Blue Moon swimsuit – Be the show-stopper

OndadeMar Blue Moon features blue polka dots which are randomly placed and are too adorable for words. The minimal covering would let you present your best assets and gather flattery, envy and you never know, some grapevine as well.

The fun and sexy bottom with an additional ruffle is enough to make you the eye-candy of the hour. Water, curves and the Blue Moon bikini, your pool parties just can’t get better. And why not, such displays of beauty and flamboyance aren’t really a regular affair.

If you are all set to revamp your charisma this autumn, get your hands on this OndadeMar Blue Moon bikini at Molly Brown’s and capture every sight you pass by. Browse through more such ravishing OndadeMar new arrivals at Molly Brown’s.

Well, meanwhile, could you think of any other venue where you would love to flaunt this little swimsuit number? Share it with us.

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