Pamela Anderson’s Eco-friendly Swimwear Line to get Launched in September 2009

Swimwear industry’s big news is here! The blond hottie Pamela Anderson has joined forces with fashion designer Richie Rich to introduce their very own clothing range. The line would primarily comprise of swimwear, shoes, casual clothes, hooded tops and skirts. Now that’s something which would surely make you turn to your fashion diaries.

So, what can be expected of a beachwear range with Pamela’s essence and style? Flamboyance, wild, sexy, extrovert and chic are just some of the attributes that we are guessing, given the oomph Pamela is well known for.

Pamela Anderson & Richie Rich Swimwear line will be up for grabs in September 2009

Anderson’s latest swimwear line will not only please fashion forward damsels but would extremely delight nature lovers as well. Well, of course, because the swimwear is eco-friendly and would not integrate any fur or leather.

Although Richie Rich is quite a new kid on the fashion block but Pamela and he have been working for a long time and share an electrifying rapport. Hence this collaboration was pretty apparent and is surely going to make this year’s Autumn hot, hot and hot. And we can say that without any second thoughts, considering Pamela’s hand at work.

So, if you are all geared up to purchase any Pamela-Richie product, don’t forget to keep aside your coy!

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