Poko Pano Restless Swimsuit – Cause a Stir Among Onlookers!

Poko Pano Restless Bikini
Poko Pano Restless Bikini
Poko Pano Restless bikini is definitely one haute couture piece that promises luxe, elegance and a plethora of compliments! It’s flamboyant and exudes a high fashion character.

One thing that we would like to confess right out front is why is it titled ‘Restless’? Since there seems to be nothing fidgety about this Poko Pano bikini. Everything about it is so fresh, crisp and active. May be the name is to designate the onlookers who would not be able to ignore you at all in the Poko Pano bikini (and may even become restless wanting to catch a glimpse of your glam;-)).

Anyhow, one thing that goes without saying about the designer swimwear is:Poko Pano creations are always in sync with the changing fashion impulses. And when we have the Restless bikini before us; the fact gets validated all the more. This swimsuit is definitely for the most fashion forward damsels who do not compromise on style and latest trends.

Restless Swimsuit – Set a rage wherever you go

The Poko Pano Restless is a fully reversible halter style top that has comfy neck and back ties. The designer beach apparel lends full adjustability and great support to your contours. Perfect for every bosom size, the Restless swimsuit exhibits black polka dots and dragon pattern. This swimsuit has a Brazilian cut that provides a skimpy coverage to your rear. All swanky and happening; this swimsuit is definitely a must have for every beach bunny who wants to be a STUNNER.

Grab your Poko Pano Restless bikini now at Molly Brown’s and look around for some exclusive accessories and cover ups as well. If you have any further concerns regarding swimwear or updates, drop in your query at usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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