Pool Bashes are not always about Bikinis

Women’s swimwear allows you ladies to break out all your femininity and tout the best you have. And nautical getaways are not always about sun baking at the beaches and getting wet in the saline water, but after hours get togethers and pool parties as well. Pool bashes are becoming quite a popular concept these days and damsels equally push themselves to get into focus by donning something that is not only hot and sexy but also flamboyant and whimsical.

So what is it exactly that can make you the eye candy at these pool lounges? Well, we maintain our staple suggestion that it’s very important to be comfortable and yet look stunning. There are notions that pool get togethers are primarily about snazzy swimsuits, but it isn’t like that always unless specifically mentioned in the invitation or if your taste complies. What else, you ask? First things first, summer sun reminds of oodles of colors, various designs and jazzy attires. So, keeping this precept, we believe one can wear bright sarongs or radiant and beautiful sun dresses or cover ups over bikinis to accentuate your sex appeal and charisma. Caftans can also be really exciting and highlight your favorable assets.

Pool bashes beyond bikinis

Flip flops, designer accessories, and espadrille sandals have phenomenally been stealing hearts. In order to add that extra spark to your overall visage, gold hoop earrings, long layering necklace, and colorful bangles can be brilliant add ons. Besides, straw hats are also very popular among dames who insist on remaining fashion fresh.

Tropical sun is about to be up soon, but in the interim, you can prepare yourself to glam up your wardrobe for on and off beach meets. How? To start with Molly Brown’s can be your friend for the season. Get your hands on some of the most coveted designer bikinis, accessories and cover ups making headlines. What’s on your mind? Share with us at usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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