Red Carter Swimwear – Fashion Fantastic!

Whenever Red Carter launches his swimsuit designs the beach bunnies fall helplessly in love with his creations. What makes his designer bikinis an out-an-out heart throb is that they exude character, innovations, rock-n-roll, vogue, exclusivity and not to overlook the ‘off the wall’ appeal.

Red Carter swimwear has always managed to adhere to his mantra of keeping fashion fresh and new. And hence his beach apparels are always unique and discrete. Red Carter designer swimsuits are downright sexy and haute couture.

Red Carter Swimwear – A new reason to fall in love with beachwear!

Fashion moguls and style gurus have been singing Red Carter’s praises since it’s launch. Fashion forward ladies do not hesitate in swearing by its name. Imbued with great fashion sense, Red Carter makes sure his swimsuit creations surprise and delight swimwear wearers.

In business since 2004, the Red Carter beachwear primary features include fit, form and function with subtle details and bold prints. The designer swimwear signature’s technical constructions make it distinct from its counterparts. Red Carter recently took initiative to support Breast health and Breast Cancer awareness. The swimwear designer also collaborated with Jessica Simpson to bring out a swimwear line in unison.

The bikini brand has taken swimwear designing to a level with a distinct class of its own. Get to choose from an array of Red Carter swimsuits only at Molly Browns. The online one stop store, for all your beachwear needs, displays designer swimsuits, accessories and cover ups.

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