Sauvage Serpent Swimwear – Tamed by the Snake!

Sexy Serpent Swimsuit
Sexy Serpent Swimsuit
Ever wondered what it would be like to adorn a snake? Designer swimwear brand Sauvage is giving you the chance to do the same! Thanks to Sauvage designer Elizabeth Southwood, divas will hit the beach this summer wearing one of the most beautiful, crystal studded snakes. Yup, you guessed it! We are talking about the latest swimsuit from the Sauvage collection, aptly named the Serpent swimsuit.

The Sauvage Serpent bikini is already wooing fashionistas and celebrities.
In business since 1980s, Sauvage has been introducing cutting edge bikinis which are made up of finest European fabric. Their swimsuits have been featured in top notch magazines like Cosmo, Vogue and the 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Sauvage Serpent Swimwear – All about it

The Serpent swimwear of the Sauvage brand is a royal pieces and clearly stands apart from the rest. The gorgeous feminine ruche detailing of this designer bikini is incredibly stunning and the sleek crystal snake neck strap is seemingly gorgeous.

The moderately cut bottoms of the Sauvage Serpent swimsuit make the piece clearly exquisite. Get your hands on this astonishing royal swimwear at Molly Brown’s and feel exclusively beautiful. If your desires still aren’t at peace, you can pair your bikini with some accessories and apparels as well. But the barer, the better! Choice is yours.

It’s snakilicious fashion this summer. Own the royalty with the Serpent swimwear today!

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