Space Age Swimsuit – A Marvel or a Controversy?

Swimwear industry seems to be going through an unprecedented transition. From the minimum-is-better notion to the retro revival, it looks like metamorphosis comes even before vision. The latest thing which is gripping the entire surf world, swimmers and even spectators, is the space-age swimsuit.

Now, could any of us see it coming? Perhaps that’s what technological breakthrough is all about. However, there is still a section of society that refuses to swear by it. If its new and happening, a bit of controversy is obvious and granted, isn’t it?

Space age swimsuit making waves in 2009

The space age swimsuit is designed by the U.S Space agency NASA, and is called LZR. Can we suspect any alien hands here? Whatever this swimsuit is made up of, it surely is helping swimmers break world records and getting qualified for Beijing Olympics. According to critics, it’s same as technological doping and should not have been introduced in the first place. But, humans can’t help but show inclination for things which are debatable, can they?

If we go by Michael Phelps’s instincts, the space age swimsuit feels like a rocket. Well, if that comes out from a winner of eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, there’s got to be something substantial about it. Olympic champion Kristy Coventry shared that the swimsuit gave her an extra boost both on physical and psychological grounds.

But, there are no denials that at the end of the day it’s all in the swimmer to reign or get drained. A swimsuit can just act as an add on. What’s your take?

Would our fashion-forward population want a sexy swimwear champion like that?

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