Interesting Swimwear Facts – Fashion Trivia for the Fashionable

Perfectly fitting swimwear bikinis or swimsuits can make us rejoice and help us sail through swimwear season with an effortless elan. Swimwear designers churn their creative motors day in and day out to come up with sexier than imagination styles and beachwear creations to meet the wardrobe demands of fashion fanatics.

However, have you ever wondered how did it all start, where is it heading and how has this clothing innovation become indispensable to peoples’ fashion necessities?

Well we did and wanted to share some of the most interesting facts about swimwear. So get your diaries ready and the next time your step out in the sun in a luscious designer swimsuit or a bikini, don’t just flaunt your luxurious heaven like silk but also your gray matter!

Swimwear Fashion Facts – Fascinating, to say the least!

  • When bikini was first introduced in 1946, it was described as a “two-piece bathing suit that reveals everything about a girl except her mother’s maiden name”. Now the statement is quite bold if the bikinis then weren’t. Nevertheless, in the later decades the designs became astonishingly daring to reveal much more than that.
  • Men’s swimwear in the mid 1940s closely resembled women’s bikinis and swimsuit designs, with tight abdomens and narrow hips. Now this is even more interesting than the first one!
  • Animal prints were first introduced in the 1950s with a tag line, ‘If you can’t drive a Jaguar, wear one.” Wonder what the floral prints were tagged with?
  • Luscious and silken Italian fabrics have redefined designer swimsuits and bikinis in their own special way. However, in the 1950s it was the Spandex fabrics that revolutionized the swimwear industry. Vogue described it as ‘Second Skin’.
  • The introduction of ‘Sports Illustrated ‘Swimsuit Edition’ in 1964 skyrocketed the importance of swimwear apparels in both men’s and women’s fashion.
  • The ‘bi’ in bikini has nothing to do with the the two-piece design of the swimsuit. However, a three-piece ‘trikini’ did make an appearance in 1968 but soon faded out.
  • We hope that the above facts about swimwear stimulated your interest to know more about this fascinating form of clothing. And also tickled your shopping bug to buy some fine designer swimwear pieces. So what are you waiting for, browse through an exclusive range of designer bikinis and swimsuits on Molly Brown’s and be a part of this revolutionary fashion tradition.

    You never know, there may emerge an interesting fact about your brush with latest swimwear trends!

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