Swimwear mistakes! – 4 Tips to Avoid Swimsuit Disaster!

Bikinis, swimsuits and other swimwear can be hard to get right. We all make mistakes, but when it comes to buying swimwear such as bikinis, the mistakes could be more than embarrassing! Here is our guide to some of the most common mistakes a girl can make in the swimwear world, and how to avoid them!

  1. Support – Make sure that any bikini or swimsuit supports your bust sufficiently, particularly if you have a bigger bust size. Many skimpy bikinis just don’t cut it, so try looking for something with thicker straps and adjustability.
  2. Shiny Swim Suits – Shiny fabric works great for thinner girls, but can seemingly add weight to average or larger sized women. Matt colors or designs are a much better choice to keep you looking slimmer!
  3. Color – Buying colors that don’t flatter you is a big no-no, as we each have a natural skin tone that (apart from the lucky ones who can get away with anything!) means we need to find the colors that complement your skin tone. This takes a little time, but you should know which colors you feel most comfortable in and what gets you the most attention from experience, so stick to the colors you know work with your tone!
  4. Proportion – When trying to choose a bikini, understand the effect of certain cuts on your body. The cut of the swimwear is vital to accentuate your best attributes. High cut bikini bottoms can elongate your legs, perfect if you are a little shorter than average, and darker colors give the impression of a slimmer figure.

Swimwear mistakes can be easily avoided if you take note of the above factors.  Next time you go shopping, make sure that the swimsuit splurge transforms you into desirable diva instead of beachwear disaster.

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