Make Your Bikini Fit Perfectly; Hi-Tech Style!

Bikini is a two-piece apparel that relies as much on the fit as on anything else. While a better fit makes you look sensuous; a loose-fitting or frayed edges can spoil your look making your sexy two-piece swimsuit look like a sack. Absolutely a designer’s call; it becomes imperative for them to give cuts in such a way that it hugs your body, making it fit like second skin.

Analyzing and thus, understanding the issue from that designers’ point of view, researchers at Osaka University have developed a 3-D model of the female trunk in order to identify the components of the female body shape which is critical to designing. As opposed to conventional ways of body measurements, this provides for more flexibility in terms of designing; therefore giving a perfect fit!

A Technical Fusion with Swimwear Fashion!

Collaborating the data based on slimness, breast size, neck type and shoulder slope, the researchers classified Japanese women into five classes of body shape that represented the majority of trunk shape among them. The method could be used for different classes and groups.

The research involved a statistical study of women shapes between a specific age group using laser metrology for mapping. Consequentially, the data assorted helped in making the generic 3-D trunk model.

This new innovative research, thus, busts the myth of the classic hour-glass figure falling under a single category and categorizes women into more broader figures and shapes. Swimwear designers could very well make use of this tool and create perfect bikinis, suitable for respective body types.

Swimwear fashion is progressing by the minute and both designers and buyers are finding it hard to keep up with this pace! Well, when Molly Brown’s is around, at least the buyers will not have to be bothered about designer swimwear updates or swimsuit innovations.

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