Bikini Trends – Rise of the Hot Brigade!

Designer Bikinis
Designer Bikinis
Bikinis, adorable and itsy-bitsy pieces of swimwear apparel are perhaps the most fashionable and looked-out-for style statements. A stroll in a bikini or a photo shoot in a stunning swimsuit, making a headline and grabbing all the attention is not new. Fashion divas and celebs swear by bikinis alike and flaunt their fab bodies in best of the designer swimsuits.

Bikini trends change with the change in time. Dating back to an era when it started off as an athlete’s attire, it has journeyed over many eras and trends, to become the in-vogue swimwear apparel. Bikini, when it came on the scene, raised many-a-brows for its seductive and provocative basics. However, today if it raises anything at all, it is the tropical heat in summers!

Bikinis – Today and Tomorrow

Coming to contemporary styles and trends, bikini is here with some new cuts and designs. Going by this year, next year too one-shoulder bikinis shall overshadow the conventional two-piece casual ones. Victoria secrets’ superseller bikini, last year, is sure to make some news this time as well.

Another trend that is flaunted and adored by celebs is the cut-away bikini design. These mono-kinis are perhaps the most-sexiest thing to adorn while you’re surfing or getting the tan on the beaches. These bold mono-kinis can also be paired with cover-ups for a more subtle look.

Last but not the least, a trend that has always stayed on is the classic one-piece swimsuit. With crazy cuts and bolder prints, here innovation and inspiration plays along with the designers’ imagination making the one-piece ever-so-popular.

As opposed to the bold bikinis, Burquini is the latest swimwear that covers up from head-to-heels and is especially designed for Islamic women.

Cheers to the creativity of our swimwear designers, who seem to have something for everyone!

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