Is your Swimwear Hygienic?

Bikinis and hygiene? If you haven’t really pondered over this subject much, then you must! If your swimsuit isn’t hygienic, you can end up having skin problems and losing your valuable piece. After style, fitting and price, comes the hygiene aspect, which holds equal prominence while buying beach apparels.

It is essential to ensure that your bikini’s UV protection capacity is more than 50 when it is wet. As a matter of fact, the UPF of any swimwear is directly proportional to its age. Skin is highly vulnerable when exposed to direct sunlight and beaches have maximum exposure to sunlight. In order to shield your skin from harmful ultra violet rays, it is advisable that your swimsuit should provide maximum coverage and exceed UPF 50.

Sun proof bikinis are here!

Older swimsuits were less resistant to sun rays. With newer designers marking their presence in the fashion markets, swim dresses are now available with high UV resistant levels these days. The higher the UPF level, the more the longevity of your bikini. However, the minimum sun protective capacity quotient should be 50 in order to ensure its durability for at least two years.

Swimwear season is almost over but you still have options of mid-day pool parties and beach get-togethers. Hence, a bit of caution with a hint of wisdom will always help you make the right pick.

Have hygienic beach getaways with hygienic bikinis!

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