2010 Swimwear – Will Retro Reign or Teeny-Weeny Takeover?

2009 swimwear season is almost on the verge of bidding us goodbye. Surf world witnessed some amazing beachwear assortments in 2009, the year that was. 2010 will be knocking quite soon and it’s still a mystery as to what exactly lies ahead. Will retro swimwear rule or the teeny-weeny bikinis woo?

Well, all those who were spectators at the Miami fashion week this year would definitely have some hint since Mercedes Benz is an event where upcoming fashion trends get unveiled.

Retro swimwear made a splash at the ramps this year and this certainly gives an inkling that classic is back from the brink to the center and has made its way back into fashion. Teeny-weeny continues to be a hot favorite for every damsel who cherishes her nubile flesh phase.

However, if we go by our neutral instincts, swimwear fashion is very individualistic and depends on one’s taste and opinion on style.

All eyes on 2010 swimwear trends

Retro bikinis are all about high waists and thigh skimming designs. On the other hand, teeny-weeny suits are by and large, briefer versions of the classic range. Retro gives more coverage to the chest and derrière (bottoms), while teeny-weeny lets you flaunt your best assets. Whatever you wear, confidence is primary.

A vintage bikini can look as sexy as a contemporary swimsuit piece and a contemporary beach apparel can equally look elegant and sophisticated as a classic bikini. It all depends how you carry it off and what you exude.

Until 2010 arrives and we finally know what’s the ‘in-thing’, we can at least prepare our fashion diaries for later updates! Say what? Molly Brown’s will let you in on everything that is Hot and anything that is Not!

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