What your Swimwear Says About You!

Ever wondered that your bikini could actually say something about you to the world? Well, yes you heard it right, what you wear to the beach speaks a lot about the kind of lady you are. Read through to know what exactly does your women’s swimwear pick say about you!

  • Halter style swimsuits – Bikini fashion tarot card says you are a sporty gal who is always on the look out to stay style fresh.
  • Metallics – You know all the teasing tricks. Flamboyant, full on bling, and a charmer are what defines you best.
  • String Bikinis – You love to play with your moves. Flirtatious, you are to the core. Confident, style perfectionist and are far from coy.
  • Thongs – You are abashed and a passionate stylista. Your fashion statement reveals loud and clear ‘look at me’.
  • Classics – You love to flaunt your classy slice. Your body language does all the talking.

So, what do you want to let the world know about your personality? Well, if you have it then flaunt it! Bikinis reflect your sense of fashion the most and speak clearly about what’s on your mind. A word of caution though, make sure you are touting a swimsuit that breaks out your pure femininity and puts focus on the right areas!

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