Increase the Lifespan of your Favorite Swimsuit

If you think your swimsuits are no longer what they used to be, it’s primarily due to the onslaught of culprits like chlorine, salt, sun, hot tubs and sun-tan lotion. Now here’s where it goes dicey as to how to shield a favorite bikini from getting marred.

Whether you own a state-of-the-art designer swimsuit or a not so hunky-dory piece, the fabric gets exposed to all the above mentioned elements, when you hit the beaches or the pools. These eventually lead to the swimsuit’s deterioration or fading.

Your swimsuit’s color will start fading, the fabric will form piles, material loosens and a lot more than imagination and severer than expected. So, what is it that can make your swimsuit last long?

Before you panic, we give you the most tried-out and effective ways that can save your favorite designer swimsuit piece and normalize pulsating heart beat.

Here you go:

  • Hand Wash your swimsuit – If you want to cherish your summer getaways to the beaches for the longest period of time, it’s advisable to hand wash your bikini instead of machine washing it.
  • Take a cold shower after the swim – While you are in the water, elements like chlorine, salt and bromine will munch away the fabric of your swimsuit. In order to prevent that, take a cold shower and rest in shade.
  • Watch out before you sit – You might not realize but pool edges and decks are harsh on the fabric of your bikini. So, whenever you sit consider placing a towel underneath.
  • Tan before you swim – If you tan while your swimsuit is dry, the sun will not cause much damage to its fabric.
  • Although there are a lot of high end swimwear pieces which are chlorine and chemical resistant available on the market these days, no bikini can last forever. But, if proper caring tips are followed, you can certainly prolong the life of your favorite swimsuit. Have any personal care tip? Share it with us.

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