Tan-through-Swimsuit – Simply FanTANstic!

One of the best things about wearing a swimwear piece is soaking up some sunshine in good measure. However it can very well turn into a disadvantage with one wrong bikini leading to ugly and annoying tan lines.

Now how to deal with those? It’s not as painstaking as you thought, all thanks to the revolutionary swimwear fashion designers. The newest avant-garde swimsuit making news in the surf world is the Tan-through-Bikini. You can now get away with your uneven tan line woes. Get a safe and warm tan that will render you looking superbly stunning!

Tan through swimsuit to give an even tan throughout

Tan through bathing suits are made of special porous fabric that lets through 1/3rd of the sun’s rays. There are various prints and styles available in the market these days. These swimsuits give you an overall tan without exposing too much of your skin. Make tan lines a thing of the past and get a perfect bronze figure that gets men weak in their knees and stirs up envy among others.

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