Vitamin A CA Halter Bikini – Beautifully Yours!

Vitamin A Silver Bikini
Vitamin A Silver Bikini

The designer swimwear brand, Vitamin A CA has created a niche for itself in the designer swimwear circuit. Having graced the likes of Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss, it continues to woo the fashion followers with its sophisticated designs and vibrant colors.

Vitamin A CA Halter Bikini features an elegantly styled ruffled-top and a chic hipster bottom. With some amazing detailing at the neckline, this incredible bikini flaunts a hard-to-resist appeal!

It is a one of a kind bikini that helps you flaunt your curves like nothing else!

Vitamin A CA Halter Bikini – Resurrected to suit!

Vitamin A CA Halter Bikini features a fully reversible, glamorous top that is as sexy as feminine.
It reverses from solid yellow to silver pinstripes. The sexy double neck straps connect the mini-silver rings at the top of each triangle to a chic and impressive ruffle along the intricately-designed neckline.

The flirty hipster bottom of this sexy bikini features soft scrunchy sides for lending an immaculate fit and an equally impressive semblance. Besides, it is fully reversible with rest assured style and comfort.

A great piece to add to your designer swimwear collection, it can be picked at Molly Brown’s swimwear station.

Hurry, buy one for yourself and be ready to take a dip in those inviting blue waters.

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